RENEW for 2022

2009 CRCA Polling Guidelines

– Each pollster must vote in every poll, including the preseason poll.

– Dl pollsters select the top 20, Dll top 5, Dlll top 15

– All submissions are due to the division moderator by 5:00 PM west coast time on the Monday of the poll. e.g. For the March 12 preseason poll, submissions are due by 5:00 PM March 10.

– For the preseason poll, any criteria can be used. A crew need not have raced in the current spring season to be ranked in the preseason poll.

– For the regular polls, any criteria can be used. A crew need not have raced in the current spring season, or the week preceding a poll, to be ranked in a regular poll.

– The moderator will contact any pollster whose poll submission, in the opinion of the moderator, appears to be mistaken, omitting consideration of recent results, or drastically different from the majority opinion. The only obligation of the pollster is to consider the moderator’s comments; they are under no obligation to amend their submission.

– The moderators will send the compiled poll results to Brett Johnson at USRowing, [email protected] , by 5:00pm EST on Tuesday. Brett will send out a press release including row2k by noon on Wednesday.

Division Moderators:

Dl – Bill Zack [email protected]

Dll – Peter Lee [email protected]

Dlll – Karen Klinger [email protected]

Due Dates for Pollsters this spring:

March 10
March 24
March 31
April 7
April 14
April 21
April 28
May 5
May 12*
May 19

* May 12 will be the last poll deadline for DIII as selection is May 13.

Thank you from the CRCA Board