2009 Scholar Athlete Awards

The Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA) announces the scholar atheletes for the 2009 season.  All student-athletes who achieved the criteria described below have been named CRCA National Scholar-Athlete.


  • The student-athlete has met all eligibility rules as defined by her institution
  • The student-athlete was in her 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of eligibility
  • The student-athlete rowed in her institution’s NCAA or IRA eligible boat(s) for a minimum of 75% of the current spring races or racing in a regional conference event.
  • The Head Coach of the student-athletes institution was a member in good standing of the CRCA as of May 1, 2009.

• The student-athlete has had a 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher for her career (through the fall semester/quarter for the current competition year).


First Name Last name Institution Majors Division
Liz Keyser Boston College History DI
Liz Lobkowicz Boston College Economics and Art History DI
Tracy Maciolek Boston College Secondary Education and Math DI
Brigid Morrissey Boston College Accounting DI
Heather Schofield Boston College Biology DI
Claire McNicholas-Fissinger Boston University Communications DI
Kayla O’Rourke Boston University Speech, language, and hearing science DI
Lesley Pepin Boston University Biochemistry and Molecular Biology DI
Cristina Caligiuri Brown Univeristy Psychology DI
Rebecca Fein Brown Univeristy Psychology DI
Corey Finnerty-Ludwig Brown Univeristy Biology DI
Lindsay McAlpine Brown Univeristy Environmental Science DI
Kelly O’Brien Brown Univeristy Old World Archaeology DI
Jessica Stage Brown Univeristy Psychology DI
Anna Vresilovic Brown Univeristy Psychology DI
Gillian Carter Bucknell University Cell Biology/Biochemistry DI
Devon Mitchell Bucknell University Biology DI
Elizabeth Regan Bucknell University Accounting DI
Mary Wilson Bucknell University Mathematics DI
Andrea Belbusti Clemson University Language and Int. Trade DI
Meg Bendik Clemson University Health Sciences DI
Allison Colberg Clemson University Mathematical Science DI
Melanie McDaniel Clemson University Special Education DI
Kelly Murphy Clemson University Health Science DI
Michelle Nance Clemson University Language and Int. Trade DI
Nicole Rau Clemson University Biological Science DI
Mairi Trimboli Clemson University Economics/Political Science DI
Meredith Buerger Colgate University Arts DI
Vicky Hulit Colgate University Psycology DI
Sarah Kruse Colgate University MicroBiology DI
Allison Patchen Colgate University Sociology DI
Meredith Remmer Colgate University Biology DI
Virginia Barton Columbia-Barnard History DI
Kara-Lynne Bess Columbia-Barnard History DI
Madeleine Drusin Columbia-Barnard Art History DI
Genevieve Joy Columbia-Barnard English DI
Kasey Koopmans Columbia-Barnard Undeclared DI
Christine Kwon Columbia-Barnard East Asian Languages & Cultures/Linguistics DI
Alexandra Werner Columbia-Barnard Pre-Med DI
Kara Achille Cornell University Human Biology, Health & Society DI
Cathleen Balantic Cornell University Biology & Society DI
Erica Crump Cornell University Biological Sciences DI
Katherine Cameron Creighton University Biochemistry and Psychology DI
Courtney Hanson Creighton University Marketing DI
Nicole Lindseth Creighton University Exercise Science DI
Susan Silverman Creighton University Athletic Training DI
Shelby Takeshita Creighton University Chemistry DI
Sarah Alexander Dartmouth College Environmental Studies DI
Anna Dobbin Dartmouth College Psychology/Music double major DI
Katherine Dutko Dartmouth College French Studies, Linguistics minor DI
Katherine Harney Dartmouth College Sociology, Religion minor DI
Claire McConnell Dartmouth College Engineering, minor in Economics DI
Karen Orrick Dartmouth College Religion DI
Katherine Roddy Dartmouth College Mathematics DI
Katherine Twyman Dartmouth College Chemistry/Physics double major DI
Carla Williams Dartmouth College Biology DI
Heather Anderson Eastern Michigan University Dietetics DI
Kate Dirks Eastern Michigan University Elementary Education DI
Kristen Dunkin Eastern Michigan University Nursing DI
Anamarie Esteva Eastern Michigan University Psychology DI
Beth Logsdon Eastern Michigan University Secondary Education DI
Noel McAuliffe Eastern Michigan University Speech Pathology DI
Janelle Mitchell Eastern Michigan University Exercise Science DI
Samantha Rosen Fairfield University Nursing DI
Nadia Abdul Ghani Fordham University Economics DI
Sarah Lang Fordham University Public Communications DI
Stephanie Narduzzo Fordham University Accounting DI
Katie Might George Mason University Foreign Languages & Psychology DI
Jenn Mockler George Mason University History DI
Emily Posner George Mason University Art and Visual Technology DI
Jessica Sigalas George Mason University Administration of Justice DI
Nadia Skolnitsky George Mason University History DI
Jordan Wheatley George Mason University Government and International Politics DI
Rhonda Crittle George Washington Tourism and Hospitality Mgt DI
Bonnie Scott George Washington Exercise Science DI
Helen Burdett Georgetown University Science, Technology & International Affairs DI
Anika DeVolder Georgetown University Finance/International Business DI
Meg Ginivan Georgetown University International Politics DI
Claire Mongeau Georgetown University French DI
Amy Parks Georgetown University Finance/International Business DI
Martha Buttry Gonzaga University Spanish DI
Jana Holcombe Gonzaga University Psychology DI
Rachel Ross Gonzaga University Biology DI
Emily Wilson Gonzaga University Nursing DI
Hannah Winters Gonzaga University Biology DI
Therese Yrani Gonzaga University Psychology DI
Laura Huppert Harvard/Radcliffe Molecular and Chemical Biology DI
Anna Kendrick Harvard/Radcliffe History & Literature DI
Phoebe Robinson Harvard/Radcliffe Applied Mathematics DI
Carolyn Talley Harvard/Radcliffe Neurobiology DI
Ellie Benson Indiana University Elementary Education DI
Ashley Johnson Indiana University Finance DI
Emily Kasavana Indiana University Business DI
Rebecca Shoemaker Indiana University Human Biology/Pre-med DI
Madison Spruell Indiana University Journalism DI
Jennifer Barker Jacksonville University Physical Education-Sports Administration DI
Kelly Burke Jacksonville University Education DI
Julia Fairchild Jacksonville University Psychology DI
Michelle Bergman Kansas State Kinesiology DI
Kilah Bond Kansas State Kinesiology DI
Michelle Higgins Kansas State Bio Chemistry DI
Heather Hoffman Kansas State Communication Science & Disorders DI
Whitley Jackson Kansas State Biology DI
Michael Knoll Kansas State Sociology DI
Nicole Vogt Kansas State Architectural Engineering DI
Laura Banos Lehigh University Sociology/ Anthropology DI
Anna Gonsiorowski Lehigh University Psychology DI
Jill Ireland Lehigh University Molecular Biology DI
Whitney Levine Lehigh University Computer Science DI
Ashley Pritchard Lehigh University Political Science DI
Elizabeth Staub Loyola College, MD Biology DI & LWT
Amanda Bassett Marist College Psychology Special Education DI
Elyse Calcerano Marist College Business Administration DI
Talia Fluger Marist College Communications/Advertising DI
Kelly Furlong Marist College Communication Studies DI
Cassandra Koegl Marist College Spanish/Adolescent Education DI
Ashley Mitchell Marist College Psychology Special Education DI
Sophie Ordway Marist College English/Writing Concentration DI
Christine Page Marist College Communications/Advertising DI
Kara Satalin Marist College Communications/Public Relations DI
Sarah Shoemaker Marist College Comunications/PR & Comm Studies DI
Lindsay Wright Marist College Comunications/PR & Comm Studies DI
Brianne Yantz Marist College History DI
Alice Ainsworth Massachusetts Institute of Technology Brain & Cognitive Sciences DI
Inessa Liskovich Massachusetts Institute of Technology Economics DI
Genevieve Russo Massachusetts Institute of Technology Nuclear Science & Engineering DI
Shannon Dunn Michigan State Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences DI
Lauren Gamble Michigan State BioChemistry/MicroBiology DI
Megan Kursik Michigan State Social Relations and Policy DI
Amanda Ruhno Michigan State Mechanical Engineering DI
Sarah Schmidt Michigan State Special Education DI
Victoria Woodard Michigan State Mathematics DI
Diana Bernstein Northeastern Music Industry DI
Rachel Buff Northeastern Sociology DI
Jillise Ketcham Northeastern Criminal Justice DI
Svenja Sanders Northeastern International Business/Spanish DI
Ingrid Aasaaren Ohio State University International Studies DI
Johnna Burns Ohio State University Biology DI
Kristin DiJosie Ohio State University Sport Leadership & Sport Humanities DI
Katie Flarida Ohio State University Human Development & Family Science DI
Carolin Helmholz Ohio State University Hospitality Management DI
Erin Shropshire Ohio State University English, pre-medicine DI
Lindsey Titus Ohio State University Communication, Political Science DI
Jane Ivey Oregon State University Exercise and Sport Science DI
Melissa Penwell Oregon State University Ethnic Studies DI
Ashton Brown Princeton University Economics DI
Michaela Glaeser Princeton University Civil Engineering DI
Yuna Sakuma Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School DI
Phoebe White Princeton University Economics DI
Helen Becz Rutgers University History DI
Mary Growlowicz Rutgers University Biological Sciences DI
Holly Hopkins Sacramento State Kinesiology DI
Michelle McMullen Sacramento State Psychology DI
Michelle Burns Saint Mary’s College (CA) Politics DI
Whitney Medved Saint Mary’s College (CA) English DI
Alessandra Pichelli Saint Mary’s College (CA) Kinesiology – Health and Human Performance DI
Miranda Ripoli Saint Mary’s College (CA) Psychology DI
Johanna Timmer Saint Mary’s College (CA) Integral DI
Sierra Timmer Saint Mary’s College (CA) Health Science DI
Mary Anne Hinman San Diego State University Kinesiology DI
Jaime Hinton San Diego State University Kinesiology DI
Christina Mattos San Diego State University Psychology DI
Victoria Kean Southern Methodist Chinese and German DI
Lauren Doucet Southern Methodist Business DI
Caroline Merideth Southern Methodist Finance DI
Adrienne Fritsch Stanford University History DI
Alex Hasbach Stanford University Earth Science DI
Lauren Hofmayer Stanford University Psychology DI
Cassie Kull Stanford University Classics DI
Erika Roddy Stanford University Human Biology DI
Julie Smith Stanford University Philosophy DI
Michelle Vezie Stanford University Chemical Engineering DI
Julia Ruskin Syracuse University Public Communications DI
Sarah Stapp Syracuse University Arts Sciences/Public Communications DI
Ildiko Toth Syracuse University Arts Sciences/Public Communications DI
Catherine Wilcox Syracuse University Engineering DI
Kerry Hannon U.S. Naval Academy Applied Mathematics DI
Alexandra Lado U.S. Naval Academy Electrical Engineering DI
Sierra Rooney U.S. Naval Academy Electrical Engineering DI
Airlina Burrill Umass-Amherst Kinesiology DI
Emily Hagan Umass-Amherst School of Management DI
Erin Kelly Umass-Amherst Nursing DI
Kathryn Kern Umass-Amherst Mathematics DI
Teresa O’Brien Umass-Amherst Kinesiology DI
Karen Plevock Umass-Amherst Biology DI
Samantha Schnoerr Umass-Amherst Legal Studies DI
Rachel Spielberg Umass-Amherst Art DI
Elizabeth Donald University of  Pennsylvania Communications and Public Service DI
Helen Barnes University of Alabama Pre-Major Studies DI
Chelsea Collins University of Alabama Accounting DI
Lauren Hovey University of Alabama Accounting DI
Sara Leibold University of Alabama Management DI
Stacey Ogle University of Alabama Communication Studies DI
Bailey Sanders University of Alabama International Studies DI
Katherine Spohr University of Alabama Economics DI
Katherine Tippey University of Alabama Economics DI
Mary Vlasis University of Alabama Elementary Education DI
Sasha Bailey University of Buffalo Health and Human Services DI
Ashley Hanhurst University of Buffalo Nursing DI
Britt Marshall University of Buffalo Bio Medical Sciences DI
Francisca Nwoke University of Buffalo Physical Therapy DI
Lou Kinder University of California, Berkeley English DI
Vanna Rocchi University of California, Berkeley Integrative Biology DI
Shauna Seager University of California, Berkeley Conservation and Resources DI
Angeliki Bundros University of California, Davis Psychology and Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior DI
Brittani De Riemer University of California, Davis Exercise Biology DI
Kristin Fitzmorris University of California, Los Angeles AstroPhysics DI
Lynn Hancock University of California, Los Angeles Political Science DI
Alaizah Koorji University of California, Los Angeles International Development Studies DI
Megan Lightfoot University of California, Los Angeles Political Science DI
Christina Sprouse University of California, Los Angeles Physics DI
Nicole Hoag University of Central Florida Exceptional Education DI
Samantha Miller University of Central Florida Health Services DI
Victoria Ortiz University of Central Florida Nursing DI
Leah VanLear University of Central Florida Mechanical Engineering DI
Taylor Wiatt University of Central Florida Sport and Fitness DI
Elizabeth Littlewood University of Connecticut Physiology and Neurobiology DI
Kimberly Weber University of Connecticut History DI
Sarah Willhoft University of Connecticut Nursing DI
Nicolette Lotrionte University of Delaware Political Science & Foreign Languages and Literatures DI
Stephanie Lynch University of Delaware Biology DI
Meredith Rubin University of Delaware Leadership DI
Annette Allard University of Iowa English/Spanish DI
Emily Katalinich University of Iowa Communication Studies DI
Kristin Kelly University of Iowa Communication Sciences & Disorders DI
Anna Kolden University of Iowa Education DI
Haylie Miller University of Iowa Psychology DI
Heidie Miller University of Iowa Psychology & Health Promotion DI
Katie Ouellette University of Iowa Nursing DI
Emily Vinson University of Iowa Nursing DI
Melissa Wordelman University of Iowa International Studies DI
Laura Cers University of Louisville Accounting DI
Ashley Edwardson University of Louisville Art DI
Lisa Grace University of Louisville Nursing DI
Mallory Hamman University of Louisville Education DI
Samantha Kayser University of Louisville Biology DI
Lauren Mensch University of Louisville Exercise Sport Science DI
Allison Pelette University of Louisville Health and Sport Sciences DI
Anastasia Prokopenko University of Louisville Exercise Sport Science DI
Samantha Seldon University of Louisville English DI
Elizabeth VanZeyl University of Louisville Health and Sport Sciences DI
Allyson Hodgkins University of Miami Neuroscience DI
Alexa Romero University of Miami Motion Picture/Theatre DI
Monika Sajincic University of Miami Biochemistry DI
Molly Thornton University of Miami International Finance & Marketing DI
Karen Colwell University of Michigan Physical Education DI
Margaret Deinek University of Michigan Psychology and Spanish DI
Michela Musto University of Michigan Statistics and Sociology DI
Kate Strzalkowski University of Michigan History DI
Rebekah Brzozowski University of Minnesota Kinesiology DI
Christine Cira University of Minnesota Marketing DI
Allison Fisher University of Minnesota Kinesiology DI
Shannon Gates University of Minnesota Kinesiology DI
Kristin Haag University of Minnesota Mechanical Engineering DI
Molly Kalmoe University of Minnesota Ecology &Evolution/Behavior DI
Erica Niemiec University of Minnesota Classical Civilization & Latin DI
Michele Peterson University of Minnesota Biomedical Engineering DI
Linnea Trandem University of Minnesota Global Studies DI
Kasey Munson University of North Carolina International Studies DI
Chandler Sours University of North Carolina Biology DI
Brittany Walsh University of North Carolina Biology DI
Paige Wolf University of North Carolina Undecided DI
Katherine Wood University of North Carolina Business DI
Lauren Buck University of Notre Dame Biological Science and an MBA DI
Erica Copeland University of Notre Dame Political Science DI
Stephanie Gretsch University of Notre Dame Biological Science and History DI
Laura Petnuch University of Notre Dame Management DI
Christine Trezza University of Notre Dame Biochemistry DI
Teddi Dwyer University of Oklahoma Multidisciplinary Studies DI
Chelsea Moore University of Oklahoma Journalism/Public Relations DI
Kathryn Purdy University of Pennsylvania Marketing DI
Mallory Fossa University of Rhode Island Nursing DI
Karin Fulkerson University of Rhode Island Ocean Engineering and Marine Biology DI
Lauren Killea University of Rhode Island Secondary Education, Marine Biology and Biology DI
Nicole Klaiber University of Rhode Island Psychology DI
Jenessa Redfern University of Rhode Island Pharmacy DI
Grace Rignanese University of Rhode Island Nursing DI
Taylor Caldwell University of San Diego BioChemistry DI
Katherine Petrich University of San Diego History DI
Samantha Shenko University of San Diego International Relations DI
Cassie Richardson University of Southern California Psychology and Broadcast Journalism DI
Robin Hextrum University of Southern California Visual and Performing Arts DI
Nancy Arrington University of Texas Government DI
Sara Cottingham University of Texas Geography undergraduate, Urban planning masters DI
Colleen Irby University of Texas History DI
Elizabeth Meserve University of Texas Geography and Plan I Honors DI
Allison Bridge University of Tulsa Elementary Education DI
Nicole Falvo University of Tulsa Elementary Education DI
Taylor Gilmore University of Virginia Neuroscience/Religious Studies DI
Summers Nelson University of Virginia Commerce DI
Sarah Pichardo University of Virginia Latin American Studies DI
Adrienne Martelli University of Washington Biology (Physiology) DI
Rachel Powers University of Washington Linguistics DI
Isabelle Woodward University of Washington Business Administration DI
Maggie Galloway University of Wisconsin Environmental Studies, Biological DI
Claire Geiger University of Wisconsin Women’s Studies, Biology DI
Katie Helmrick University of Wisconsin Nursing DI
Katie Hurtis University of Wisconsin Sociology DI
Kristin Johnson University of Wisconsin Kinesiology DI
Ahna Olson University of Wisconsin Sociology, Psychology DI
Brianna Ipjian Villanova University Accounting DI
Jill Pietropaolo Villanova University Civil Engineering DI
Corina Chilibeck Washington State University Bioengineering DI
Carly Farris Washington State University Food Science and Human Nutrition DI
Christina Kinck Washington State University Undeclared DI
Erica Lewis Washington State University Movement Studies DI
Kyann Martin Washington State University Food Science and Human Nutrition DI
Hannah Rothstrom Washington State University Medical Sciences DI
Kimberly Benda West Virginia University Animal & Nutritional Sciences DI
Brett Krumholz West Virginia University Exercise Physiology DI
Rachel Viglianco West Virginia University Secondary English Education; Italian DI
Kathryn Walsh West Virginia University Accounting DI
Katherine Adams Yale University Econ/Applied Mathematics DI
Sarah Brownlee Yale University English DI
Roxanne Carini Yale University Applied Mathematics DI
Lee Glandorf Yale University History DI
Christine Glandorf Yale University History DI
Catherine Hart Yale University History/International Studies DI
Mia Kanak Yale University Political Science DI
Alexandra Thompson Yale University Architecture DI
Alison Landau Dowling College Business Management DII
Jennifer Johnson Florida Institute of Technology Marine Biology DII
Ashley Sicard Florida Institute of Technology Chemistry Education DII
Carol Gress Humboldt State Wildlife Biology DII
Kem Kumada Humboldt State International Studies/Women’s Studies DII
Quinn McWatters Humboldt State International Studies DII
Alexis Mills Humboldt State Environmental Engineering DII
Clare Nowel Humboldt State Recreation Administration DII
Tiana Hacking Humboldt State Anthropology DII
Alexandria Bogart Mercyhurst College Biochemistry DII
Bethany Brun Mercyhurst College Religious studies/Sociology DII
Abaigael Celarek Mercyhurst College Sportsmedicine DII
Michele Handzel Mercyhurst College Biochemistry DII
Alicia Peterson Mercyhurst College Social Work DII
Amber Bishko Nova Southeastern Univ. Business Administration DII
Cindy Fong Nova Southeastern Univ. Business Administration DII
Ashley Lofria Nova Southeastern Univ. Psychology DII
Caitlin Connors Philadelphia Univesity Fashion Design DII
Jessica Lutcza Philadelphia University Graphic Design DII
Renee Roziaeski Philadelphia University Env. Conservation Biology DII
Briana Zelinski Philadelphia University Fashion Merchandising DII
Kathleen Broome Rollins College English DII
Emily Collins Rollins College Environmental Studies DII
Louisa Gibbs Rollins College English / Critical Media Studies DII
Susanne Chang University of California, San Diego Human Biology DII
Weiyi Fan University of California, San Diego Anthropology DII
Kelly Hansen University of California, San Diego Communications DII
Alyssa Miyake University of California, San Diego Pharmaceutical Chemistry DII
Lynn Nguyen University of California, San Diego Computer Science DII
Kavya Rao University of California, San Diego Biochemistry/Cellular Biology DII
Kelly Temes University of California, San Diego International Studies-Political Science DII
Caryn Urbanczyk University of California, San Diego Bioengineering DII
Audrey Coon Western Washington Elementary Education DII
Madeleine Eckmann Western Washington Environmental Science DII
Casey Mapes Western Washington Pre-Med DII
Danica Doroski Bates College Environmental Studies DIII
Tracy Glazier Bates College Psychology DIII
Kirsten Laaspere Bates College Rhetoric DIII
Nicole Ritchie Bates College Environmental Studies DIII
Emma White Bates College Biochemistry, Russian DIII
Devyn Graham Colby College BINS DIII
Clair Cassiello Hamilton College Psychology DIII
Peterson Haley Hamilton College World Politics DIII
Lineberry Mary Bret Hamilton College Economics/World Politics DIII
Kaitlin Ahl Ithaca College Speech Language Pathology DIII
Allison Crerand Ithaca College History DIII
Aliyah Emas Ithaca College Psychology DIII
Amy Gefell Ithaca College Occupational Therapy DIII
Diana Glicini Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Alden Hall Ithaca College Art History, Architecture DIII
Andreozzi Jiné Ithaca College Film, Photography & Visual Art DIII
Katie O’Driscoll Ithaca College Journalism DIII
Ruth Ditzler Lewis & Clark College International Affairs DIII
Kathleen Ford Mills College Film Studies DIII
Kirin Khan Mills College Political, Legal and Economic Analysis DIII
Jessica LaFrank Mills College English DIII
Chavon Rosenthal Mills College Business Administration (MBA), Economics (BA) DIII
Elissa Center Mount Holyoke College Neuroscience DIII
Paige Cote Mount Holyoke College Architecture DIII
Emily Forgione Mount Holyoke College History DIII
Sarah Gray Mount Holyoke College Neuroscience DIII
Whitney Green Mount Holyoke College Pyschology DIII
Iliana Paul Mount Holyoke College International Relations DIII
Cleo Schneider Mount Holyoke College Computer Science DIII
Jessica Suhowatsky Mount Holyoke College Biology DIII
Michelle Benisek North Park University Elementary Education DIII
Kara Bladel North Park University Exercise Science DIII
Kaitlin Jackson North Park University Elementary Education DIII
Maya Munson North Park University Elementary Education DIII
Kaela Rigterink North Park University English DIII
Kat Jenkins Pacific Lutheran University Physics DIII
Natalie McCarthy Pacific Lutheran University Biology, Spanish DIII & LWT
Erin Siebert Pacific Lutheran University Undecided DIII & LWT
Rachel Gontowski Rutgers Univ @ Camden Nursing DIII
Melissa Kendall Rutgers Univ @ Camden Biology plus Teacher Certification Program DIII
Eliza Bryant Smith College Government DIII
Chantel Pheiffer Smith College Government DIII
Maria-Fatima Santos Smith College Philosophy DIII
Lela Schlenker Smith College Biological Sciences DIII
Amy Shmania Smith College History DIII
Amanda Taus Smith College Biochemistry DIII
Margaret Woodman-Russell Smith College Government & Spanish DIII
Amelia Bell St. Lawrence University Government/African Studies DIII
Tara Hetz St. Lawrence University Conservation Biology DIII
Michelle Hicks St. Lawrence University English/Environmental Studies DIII
Lauren Reed St. Lawrence University Psychology DIII
Eveline Case Trinity College French & International Studies DIII
Brianna Dix Trinity College Neuroscience DIII
Amory Minot Trinity College Public Policy and Law DIII
Marielle Gibbons University of Mary Washington Pre-med DIII
Julie Milam University of Mary Washington International Affairs & Economics DIII
Charmaine Chong Vassar College Economics DIII
Lola Grillo Vassar College English DIII
Alina von Korff Vassar College Biology DIII
Sarah Holland Washington College History DIII
Krista Jensen Washington College Psychology DIII
Jenna LaPointe Washington College Psychology DIII
Christine Lynch Washington College Biology DIII
Ericka Malow Washington College Chemistry DIII
Nicole Rousseau Washington College Mathematics DIII
Jacqueline Lewandowski Wellesley College Classical Civilizations & Economics DIII
Kate Spelman Wellesley College Art History DIII
Elaine Lauriat Wesleyan University Latin American Studies DIII
Elizabeth Ogata Wesleyan University Earth & Environmental Science DIII
Rebecca Schofield Wesleyan University Earth & Environmental Science DIII
Catherine Steidl Wesleyan University Archaeology & German DIII
Claire Tradewell Wesleyan University Molecular Biology & Biochemistry DIII
Ana Sofia Warner Wesleyan University College of Letters DIII
Hilary Andrus Willamette University Math DIII
Kara Hafkey Willamette University Spanish, Psychology DIII & LWT
Geneva Hooten Willamette University International Studies, French DIII
Kendra Kennedy Willamette University Economics DIII & LWT
Linnea Schuster Willamette University Film Studies, Japanese DIII & LWT
Christina Thorburn Willamette University Exercise Science DIII
Virginia Cannon William Smith College Public Policy Studies DIII
Kirsten Cooper William Smith College Asian Languages and Cultures DIII
Abigail DiPalma William Smith College Mathematics, Teacher Certification DIII
Meghan O’Reilly Bucknell University French Lightweight
Kimberly Weaver Bucknell University Cell Biology/Biochemistry Lightweight
Juliana Pugliese Georgetown University Government Lightweight
Katharine Thompson Georgetown University French Lightweight
Alex Vezina Georgetown University French Lightweight
Wynne Evans Harvard/Radcliffe Romance Languages & Literature Lightweight
Hilda Buss Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chemical Engineering Lightweight
Xuefeng Chen Massachusetts Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering Lightweight
Man-Yan Lam Massachusetts Institute of Technology Architecture Lightweight
Kathryn Schumacher Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chemical Engineering Lightweight
Amanda Harwood University of Buffalo Nursing Lightweight
Emily Marshall University of Buffalo Business Lightweight
Andrea Patterson University of Buffalo Bio Medical Sciences & Chemistry Lightweight
Emily Callen University of Tulsa Biology Lightweight
Anne Campbell University of Tulsa Chemical Engineering Lightweight
Michelle Kadin University of Tulsa Communication Lightweight
Susan Stangl University of Tulsa Speech Pathology Lightweight
Lane Benes University of Wisconsin Kinesiology Lightweight
Kelley Kowitz University of Wisconsin Geography, Biological Aspects of Lightweight
Grace Tran University of Wisconsin Russian, History Lightweight