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2011 DI All Region Athletes

The Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA) announces the 2011 Division I all-region award-winners. These awards recognize the outstanding performances of rowers and coxswains from each of the five regions, organized into first and second-team selections.

Nominated student-athletes are evaluated on the strength of their team’s regional finish, coaches recommendations and 2,000-meter erg score. Nominees must be eligible student-athletes who have competed in their teams’ varsity boat in 75 percent of races this season.

These athletes will be eligible for All-America awards selection following the NCAA Rowing Championships. The NCAA regatta will be held May 27-29 on Lake Natoma in Sacramento, C.A.


All New England Region First Team

Tessie Allen, Brown

Tessa Gobbo, Brown

Casey Kelsey, Brown

Emily Dreissigacker, Dartmouth

Hayley Daniell, Dartmouth

Stephanie Madner, Yale

Caroline Nash, Yale

Liv Coffey, Harvard-Radcliffe

Veronica Townsend, Northeastern

Megan O’Brien, University of Rhode Island

Ellie Smith, Brown, coxswain


All New England Region Second Team

Allison Courtin, Brown

Katherine Roddy, Dartmouth

Cathy McDermott, Yale

Liz Soutter, Harvard-Radcliffe

Laura Carroll, Northeastern

Brittany Tovee, Boston University

Erin Roche, Boston College

Rachel Buff, Northeastern, coxswain


All Mid-Atlantic Region First Team

Ashton Brown, Princeton

Lauren Wilkinson, Princeton

Michaela Strand, Princeton

Taylor Goetzinger, Cornell

Anna Psiaki, Cornell

Meredith Mead, Columbia

Alexandra Hammerberg, Columbia

Rebecca Donald, University of Pennsylvania

Janine Ford, Rutgers

Shannon Gribbons, West Virginia

Maureen McAuliffe, George Mason

Lila Flavin, Princeton, coxswain


All Mid-Atlantic Region Second Team

Emily Reynolds, Princeton

Natalie Wingerning, Cornell

Leigh Archer, Cornell

Nikki Bourassa, Columbia

Kelly Burke, University of Pennsylvania

Kate Thomson, Colgate

Amy Davis, US Naval Academy

Jeannette Friedman, Cornell, coxswain


All West Region First Team

Kara Kohler, California

Mary Jeghers, California

Kristina Lofman, California

Elle Logan, Stanford

Erika Roddy, Stanford

Ivana Filipovic, University of Southern California

Maria Wilgotsson, University of Southern California

Corinna Sharick, Washington State University

Britta Syverson, University of California, Los Angeles

Hannah Patrick, University of San Diego

Nicole Weinrich, Stanford, coxswain


All West Region Second Team

Elise Etem, California

Anna Dawson, Stanford

Grace Luczak, Stanford

Lenka Vrecnikova, University of Southern California

Sarah Wolff, Washington State University

Dionne Licudine, University of Southern California, coxswain


All South Region First Team

Kristine O’Brien, Virginia

Christine Roper, Virginia

Martha Kuzzy, Virginia

Laura D’Urso, Clemson

Liz Robb, Clemson

Jennifer VanderMaarel, Texas

Laurel McCaig, Texas

Erika Lauderdale, Tennessee

Alex Japhet, Duke

Chelsey Lauzon, University of Central Florida

Nicole Furmanek, Oklahoma

Sidney Thorsten, Virginia, coxswain


All South Region Second Team

Claudia Blandford, Virginia

Heather Cummings, Clemson

Rebecca Brown, Clemson

Jackie Gorcyca, Texas

Hilary Epes, Tennessee

Emily Theys, Duke

Alissa Kranz, Alabama

Danielle Fournier, Jacksonville University

Katie Bruggeling, Clemson, coxswain


All Central Region First Team

Laura Cowal, Michigan State

Kellie Lapointe, Michigan State

Stephanie Bochenek, Michigan State

Ulrike Denker, Ohio State

Claudia Schiwy, Ohio State

Felice Mueller, Michigan

Natalie Eisermann, Michigan

Carol Ann Michel, Notre Dame

Vanessa Kleiss, Wisconsin

Asja Zero, Indiana

Amanda McGeachie, Michigan State, coxswain


All Central Region Second Team

Alex Maibusch, Michigan State

Claire-Louise Bode, Ohio State

Caro Helmholz, Ohio State

Julia Darnton, Michigan

Stephanie Gretsch, Notre Dame

Rachel Buchholtz, Wisconsin

Traci Smiley, Kansas State

Jennifer Entin, Michigan, coxswain