2015 CRCA Annual Board Meeting Minutes

CRCA Board

In attendance: Robbie Tenenbaum, Colin Truex, Glenn Putyrae (on call), Emily Meiggs, Scott Ramsey, Mike Lane, Brett, Dave, Andy Derrick (on call), Max, Bill Zack

Meeting Minutes:

Wecome to new board members

Board Membership with realignment of the regions

We did a number of things recently to try and get board membership back in order

One open position in Region 1 (Ivy League and A-10 Conference)

Board can appoint someone to fill an open position based on bylaws, from Region 1 to fill an open position

The board wants someone that is interested and engaged.  Put out some feelers this weekend

Scott brought up that last Spring, Liz from Cornell had expressed some interest

Colin brought up that there is no DIII board member representation

Bill mentioned that we can have Ad Hoc board members – also need to relook at the bylaws to reflect the new regions


Nomination and Election

  • President, VP, Treasurer/Secretary
    • Robbie nominated President
    • Glenn nominated for Treasurer/Secretary
    • Bill Zack nominated for VP
    • Unanimous election of nominated individuals
  • DIII Representation
  • Bylaw adjustments
    • DI Regions should be changed to say they can be filled only by DI coaches within the region since the new regions do not reflect any DII/III regions
    • Possible switch to say still 12 member board, but say 1 member from DII, 1 member from DIII
      • Issue of more equal representation on the board between divisions brought up – not having as much of a voice in the smaller divisions
        • About 88 DI programs, 15 DII programs, 55 DIII programs
        • What would it look like if we added 2 positions to the board, allowing for 2 DII and 2 DIII positions on the board – this idea can be included in the re-writing of the Bylaws
        • Proposal recommended to include 2 DII and 2 DIII people on the board
          • Another option brought up to say 4 DII/III members, at least 1 DII, at least 2 DIII, and other 1 could be either
          • Board likes the idea of 2 & 2 better to have 2 reps from each division
          • Bylaw adjustment recommended to allow board meeting quorum to include directors who are calling in to the meeting
        • Committee Nominations
          • Hall of Fame
            • Max will continue as chair of the Hall of Fame Committee
              • Shooting for 2-3 inductions each year
              • Going to online nomination form this year
              • Webcast has enhanced the process
            • Awards
              • Emily has been nominated
                • Going to try and refine and make awards better and more relevant
                • CRCA Awards, Hall of Fame, Live streaming awards announcement
                  • Live Streaming of the awards went really well, was really easy
                    • This year Pocock is going to go to Oklahoma to do the announcement there with real production guys. Trying to do the video beforehand so that video clips,, and photos can be added to the live announcement – Add photo file to All America nominations? This was always hard, but the CRCA is going to pull headshots from team websites
                • Legislative Review committee
                  • Bill Zack has been nominated
                    • Bill doesn’t have the access to DII/III to keep the membership updated about DII/III issues – should probably have a DII and DIII coach to funnel information to Bill
                  • Multiple issues brought up by Bill for legislative review/sharing
                    • Ethics committee? – people reach out to Bill regularly about possible violations
                      • There is grey area in compliance, institutionally and conference wise
                      • Seems to be more of a board issue, and not just for the nominating committee to be more addressed – have a point person on Ethics, having another committee within the board, especially if we will be expanding the board
                        • Robbie appoints an Ad-Hoc Committee on Ethics
                      • Issues for membership meeting
                        • Additional, 4th coach in DI rowing issue – recommendation was to change the 4th position to whatever you want – what is going through is allowing a 4th full time person, and still have a GA as well
                          • Some programs will say this is great, and others will say I can only have 2 coaches, and now others are really going to have 5
                          • Originally put forward as a safety issue, student-athlete to coach ratio issue
                          • No matter who you are it’s good cause it opens up more coaching opportunities – bigger picture of the sport it’s a good thing – no negative for the student athlete
                            • Concern of smaller programs is the difference between the big and small in DI will continue to grow – would a smaller school drop the sport if the difference continues to grow
                          • 8 hr dead period during the night from 9pm-6am. Out of these 9 hours, 8 of them must be off
                          • Dead period immediately after your season – “My” season or NCAA championships? Looks like it is at the end of “My” season
                            • What about Henley? – intent of the legislation is not to interfere with foreign tours
                          • Must have 6 competitions (minimum) with 23 student athletes
                          • 8 hour segments during off-season
                            • 8 hours of skill instruction instead of the current 2 hours of skill instruction
                            • Instead of the current 4 people who are allowed at skill instruction, it would go to unlimited
                          • Need input on scholarship issue that Bill emailed out on November 19th from the membership
                        • Nominating Committee
                          • Mike Lane will be the new chair of the Nominating Committee
                            • Looking to fill open positions in Region 1 and DIII
                            • 3 year term – 1 DIII person would fill for 1 year, and then could run again. Region 1 and other DIII would fill a full 3 year term
                          • Membership Committee
                            • Robbie Tenenbaum will be the chair of the Nominating Committee
                              • Continue to try and get membership from each rowing institution using the help of other board members for regional help and help with DII and DIII
                              • We traditionally do better than other sports with membership percentages than other sport associations
                            • Polling committee
                              • Glenn will continue to serve as Co-chair of the Polling committee, Max will co-chair
                                • Biggest challenge is getting volunteers for pollsters
                                • More common to have staffs polling rather than one person at an institution
                                • We need people who are interested in taking it seriously
                                  • The output of the volunteers is taken very seriously by everyone that sees it
                                • Derrick has expressed his desire to continue to be involved with the poll
                                • Question about why not show the polling for each individual event
                                  • We could do it if that is what the membership wanted
                                  • Past conversations for mass distribution was keep it simple, and not have too many things listed
                                  • Regional rankings show each boat event ranking
                                • Address DII teams who are only rowing 4’s but not 8’s
                                • Should schools be able to vote for themselves? – since not everyone is voting this would skew the votes?
                              • Championship and Competition Committee
                                • Robbie Tenenbaum will serve as chair of the committee
                              • Coaching Education
                                • Brett Gorman will continue to serve as chair
                                  • 90 people signed up for this weekend – 60 of them signed up for CRCA day
                                  • $2500 for travel and speaker fees for CRCA day
                                  • CRCA will unintentionally make money from the conference
                                  • Helps USRowing with each person having to renew USRowing membership
                                  • Idea to try and connect CRCA members to USRowing certification Levels (2)
                                  • Continue to try and bring in speakers who can relate to everyone in the room (DI/II/III) – can spend more to bring them in
                                • Lightweight Committee
                                  • No current board members with an official lightweight program – bring it up at the membership meeting that we are looking for a co-chair
                                  • We will find the outside board member first, and then fill the committee chairperson
                                • Treasurer’s report
                                  • Get from Glenn
                                  • We can spend more – awards, conference, other?
                                • Follow up to the salary survey
                                  • Feedback has been great
                                  • Still getting contact from AD’s, HR offices, coaches for access to the document
                                  • Maybe get on a schedule of running the survey every 3 years, or some similar timeline, to continue to get updated information
                                  • Biggest question has been about male head coach salaries vs women head coach salaries – this would be on the next survey run
                                  • Full salary survey