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Annual Board Meeting

December 2, 2011 – USRowing Convention – Hartford, CT


CRCA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Submitted by: Steve Kish

Start time: 7:30pm EST

Present:  BOD members: Steve Kish, Liz O’Leary, Steve Pritzker, Robbie Tenenbaum, Tessa Spillane, Brett Sickler, Jimmy King and Bill Zack.  Absent: Martin Stone, Robin Meiggs, Jane LaRiviere and Karen Klinger.


Nominations for Executive Committee:  Liz nominated the executive committee (Zack – President, Kish – Secretary, LaRiviere – Treasurer).  Robbie seconded and the vote was unanimous.


Approval of Minutes:  Bill moved that the minutes from the February 15th conference call be approved.  Tessa seconded and the vote was unanimous.


Committee Reports:


Treasurer’s Report

Jane reported that we have approximately $40,000 between checking and savings.  Discussion centered on how to use these funds to benefit the membership.  Liz suggested that perhaps any program that pays dues for two coaches could get the third free.  The point was made that membership has been structured as individual versus group or program membership.  It was also noted/posited that programs with multiple coaches tend to have the largest budgets.  As for the 2011-2012 Budget, Bill moved to maintain Dan Wolleben as the administrative assistant.  Robbie seconded and the vote was unanimous.  Liz moved to approve BOD travel reimbursements for Steve, Liz, Robbie, Bill and Steve.  Brett seconded and the vote was unanimous.


Championship and Competition – Discussion centered on Martin and Will’s efforts regarding finding an alternative/new approach to AQ.  It was noted that there is a move within the NCAA to move away from play-ins.  With Will Porter’s departure from the BOD, Robbie volunteered to join Martin as co-chair of this committee.  Tessa described the separation of the 1V and 2V in the DIII championship.


Legislative Review – Bill will continue tracking the two pieces of possible legislation regarding the changing of the graduate assistant position to simply a paid position as well as the issue of allowing more off-campus recruiters during the academic year for programs that have a lightweight team. 


Hall of Fame – Liz announced that the 2010 inductee is Dr. Christine Grant.  Bill volunteered to reach out to her.  The forms for future nominees are on the website and we need a 2011 nominee.


Membership – Steve K. continues to look into additions or improvements we might make to our website in an effort to support the full membership.

Awards – Jimmy will join Tessa as co-chair.  Discussion centered on whether the first team coxswain is required to be the coxswain of the first eight.


Nominating – Robin was not present.


Lightweight – With the departure of Lori Dauphiny from the BOD, Steve K. will take over the role of co-chair with MIT lightweight coach Claire Martin-Doyle.


Coaches Poll – Steve P. moved that we have a year-end poll.  Bill seconded and the vote was unanimous.  Steve K. moved to eliminate “others receiving votes”.  Robbie seconded.  Vote was five against and two in favor… so it was not approved.


Coaching Education – Brett will be leading this effort.  Discussion focused on whether to have the Coaching Conference at Youth Nationals or Club Nationals.


Other Items

Allowing sponsors to buy ad-space on the website was discussed.