Board of Directors Conference Call

CRCA Board of Directors Conference Call Minutes

November 22, 2010

Submitted by: Steve Kish

Start time: 1pm EST

On call:  Lori Dauphiny, Robyn Horner, Steve Kish, Jane LaRiviere, Liz O’Leary, Susan Parkman, Will Porter, Steve Pritzker, Tessa Spillane, Martin Stone, Kate Strum, Bill Zack


Election of Officers

Bill Zack was re-elected as President, Jane LaRiviere was re-elected as Vice President / Treasurer and Steve Kish was elected as Secretary.



Election of Committee Chairs and Standing Committee Reports:


Championship and Competition:  Will Porter and Martin Stone were elected.  Will submitted his opinion that he believes the CRCA membership could and should reach further consensus regarding their support of how programs qualify for or are selected for the NCAA championships.  Furthermore, should we continue to consider the issue of whether rowing is a team sport or individual team sport?  Will believes that with the current team sport model, the fastest varsity eight in the country will not qualify for the NCAA championships within the next five years.  And, that the Eastern Sprints will come to an end because of conference championships.  He proposed that we work to come up with a better option, involving regional championships, with access to all programs, as well as the at-large eight option.  Much discussion ensued and each board member submitted thoughts regarding the merits of regional championships, as well as the idea of building consensus amongst our full membership.  Will and Martin will be putting together a proposal to circulate to the board in the coming weeks/months.


Legislative Review – Bill Zack was re-elected.  Bill followed up on the proposed CRCA response to the NCAA regarding recruiting days.  He has received permission to submit the proposal after our membership meeting at the USRowing Convention.  Further discussion will be solicited at the membership meeting on December 3rd at the US Rowing Convention.l


Membership – Steve Kish was elected.  Tessa Spillane, as outgoing committee chair, reported that as of Nov 15th, we have 263 paid coaches.  Steve will pick up where Tessa left off, contacting potential members regarding their membership.


Awards – Tessa was re-elected and Kate was elected as co-chair.  No report, questions or issues regarding awards.


Nominating – Robyn Horner was elected.  No report, questions or issues regarding nominating.


Lightweight – Lori Dauphiny was re-elected.  No report, questions or issues regarding nominating.  She will reconnect with Al Acosta regarding lightweight topics for consideration.



Election of Ad Hoc Committee Chairs and Ad Hoc Committee Reports


Hall of Fame – Liz O’Leary was re-elected and Susan Parkman was elected.  There will be no inductee’s at this year’s convention.


Coaches Poll – Steve Pritzker was re-elected as DI moderator.  Discussion focused on last year’s change to polling of all three individual boats.  It was a little difficult at first, but definitely seemed to smooth out.  The end results suggest that it was accurate.


Coaching Education – Robyn Horner was elected.  Discussion focused on whether the conference was worthwhile with only 10 attendees and whether there was a better time to hold it.



Other Items


Sponsorship – Pocock will be given ‘right of first refusal’ as their contract is up this year.


Capital One Cup – Bill will look into it and report back to the board.


Potential website improvements – not addressed due to time.


Recognition of outgoing board members – not addressed due to time.