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Board of Directors Conference Call

CRCA Conference Call Minutes

Present:  Andrew Teitelbaum, President (Central) Head Coach of Ohio State University. Joe Wilhelm (East) Head Coach of Northeastern University Mark Rothstein (Central) Head Coach of the University of Michigan Sandra Chu (DII/DIII At-Large) Head Coach of William Smith College Eleanor McElvaine (West) Head Coach of University of Washington Aimee Baker (West) Head Coach of Stanford University Becky Robinson (DII/DIII At-Large) Head Coach of Ithaca College

Missing:  Jason Steele, Secretary (East) Head Coach of Worcester Polytechnic Institute Steve Kisch, Treasurer/Vice President (Mid-Atlantic) Head Coach of Bucknell University Kevin Harris (South) Head Coach of the University of Tulsa Mike Hughes (Mid-Atlantic) Head Coach to the Naval Academy Kevin Sauer (South) Head Coach of the University of Virginia

NCAA Championship Committee Update:  Andy Teitelbaum began the meeting with an update from the NCAA Championship Committee. In discussions between the NCAA, Andy Teitelbaum and Kevin Sauer, Chairperson of the CRCA Championship Committee, the NCAA indicated they would look at expansion of the DI Championship to 16 Teams and 2 At-Large bids. Both CRCA representatives supported this idea and indicated the CRCA would draft a letter officially supporting this expansion which is to be reviewed by the NCAA during this summer. If decided upon, the expansion would be implemented during the spring of 2009.

Budget:  Andy then briefly reviewed the CRCA budget which was found to be strong, with no anticipated issues.

Championship Issues:  Discussion then returned to Championship related items. Big East coaches have been in support of procuring an automatic qualifier for their conference. Andy indicated his belief this would not be a possibility until the field was expanded. Tina Krah, of the NCAA indicated the sport was not ready for this automatic qualifier, and that it would potentially weaken the field given the number of conferences that would then push for automatic qualifiers. She indicated there were a number of smaller, less competitive conferences that could combine together with the intent of gaining an AQ. The NCAA’s position is to keep this Championship as competitive as possible, and that it would not favor a AQ for conferences.

Fourth Coaching Position:  Andy then brought up the concerns regarding the implementation of the current “restricted” 4th coaching position. Coaches that have been queried are unhappy with this decision and the CRCA is hoping to move the NCAA towards making this an unrestricted position. In order to do this it will be important to have a conference push the legislation forward. Eleanor McElvaine indicated she would discuss with Dave O’Neill and attempt to have the PAC-10 support this legislation. If not, Andy indicated he would try to have the Big 10 support this legislation.

Awards Update:  Aimee Baker was then asked to provide an update on awards. The CRCA is in the midst of awards season and everything seems on track. The only issues to mention were that All-America and Assistant Coach of the Year awards were a little behind and that the timeline would be extended by 1 week. The conference call for All-America awards would be held on May 31st. This year the Clemson SID handled the PR and communication was not timely. Andy Teitelbaum indicated he would look to determine if the Ohio State SID could become involved for 2006-2007. Andy continued the meeting with updates from each of the committees.

Nominating Committee:  The Nominating Committee had no updates as there are currently no positions to fill within the CRCA Board.

Polling Committee:  Eleanor McElvaine then provided an update on the 2006 Coaches Poll. She indicated there were numerous challenges in the early stages of the coaches’ poll. She found that DI New England Coaches and DII/DIII coaches did not always provide timely polling. The poll did not start on-time and pollsters indicated that results were difficult to find. Eleanor will follow up with each moderator to determine what steps can be taken to streamline the process.

Coaching Education Committee:  Sandra Chu updated the BOD on the work of the Coaching Education committee. In an effort to expand coaching educational opportunities the CRCA had hoped to provide CRCA members with an educational opportunity at the USRowing Conference. Willie Black of USRowing expressed some concerns about isolating USRowing members who were non-CRCA coaches from activities to be held at the USRowing Conference. With this valid concern the committee has presented the idea of providing an independent CRCA Coaches conference, to be held in June of 2007. Andy supported this concept as he felt it provided a unique benefit to CRCA members. The discussion then centered on logistics such as actual dates, what topics to cover, where to hold the event, and who might serve as a keynote speaker. The idea had strong support from other Directors and this topic will be presented to the membership to solicit feedback in the hopes of moving forward. Becky Robinson then updated the Board on the status of the Pocock Sponsorship. Pocock continues to be supportive of their sponsorship of the CRCA. Andy indicated a hope that the CRCA would continue to work towards making this a good value to Pocock and suggested we continue to explore ideas to enhance the value of sponsorship.

Hall of Fame Committee:  There was no update on the Hall of Fame.

Website Update:  There was a limited update on the status of the website. A phone call to Jason Steele yielded he has had limited progress. The decision has been made to have Ed Hewitt from Row2k re-design the website but that contact with Ed had been limited. He indicated he would use the summer to get this up and running.

Administrative Assistant:  Carrie Davis was then introduced as the new administrative assistant for the CRCA. She will assist in processing new memberships as well as assisting in the production of the member directory and helping with the Awards Committee.

Topics for Upcoming Membership Meeting:  The conversation was open to determine topics to be presented at Saturday’s membership meeting. It was determined that the following topics would be presented:  1. Report on the Championship expansion. 2. Solicit conference support to change GA position to unrestricted. 3. The coaching education initiative. 4. Discussion of the current weight of coxswains. ” Is women’s rowing ready to raise the minimum weight of coxswains to 115lbs. What are the pros and cons? 5. Given concerns about Championship selection, how should this topic be presented? ” It was determined best to keep the CRCA from being involved. Members of the NCAA selection committee would be asked to lead the discussion. 6. NCAA results website was determined to be the last major topic to be covered at tomorrow’s meeting.

Andy then adjourned the meeting.