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Board of Directors Conference Call

CRCA Conference Call Minutes

Present: Sandra Chu, Kevin Harris, Steve Kish, Jane LaRiviere, Mark Rothstein, Kris Sanford, Andy Teitelbaum, Robbie Tenenbaum, Tessa Spillane, Bill Zack

Missing: Liz O’Leary, Jason Steele

The minutes of the CRCA board of directors meeting in Miami were approved with one amendment.

Election of Officers:

An election was held for officers. Andy Teitelbaum was re-elected as President. Jason Steele was re-elected as Vice President / Secretary. Steve Kish was re-elected as Treasurer.

Committee Chair selections:

Championship and Competition: Robbie Tenenbaum
Legislative Review: Bill Zack
Membership: Kevin Harris
Awards: Kris Sanford and Tessa Spillane
Nominating: Andy Teitelbaum
Lightweight: Steve Kish and Cecile Tucker (Tucker is not a member of the CRCA board of directors but is co-chair of this committee)
Coaching Education: Sandra Chu
Hall of Fame: Liz O’Leary

Coaching Conference: Sandra Chu gave an update on the second annual CRCA coaching conference. The conference will be held in Madison, Wisconsin June 10 – 12 with a pre-conference meeting for assistant coaches on June 9. Registration materials were sent out on the listserv. The deadline for registration is March 1 and the attendance is limited to the first 40 registrants.

Membership: Kevin Harris reported on current membership. The CRCA has 265 members currently and also had 265 members last year.

Coaches Salary Survey:  Sandra Chu gave a report on the coaches salary survey. She has sent the survey out via the listserv and will put a link on the CRCA website. The deadline for response is March 1.

Website:  A lengthy discussion was held regarding website design and the three proposals that were before the board. An ad hoc committee consisting of Sandra Chu, Steve Kish, and Jason Steele was established to review the proposals and make a recommendation to the board by the first week of February.

Administrative Assistant:  A lengthy discussion was held regarding hiring an administrative assistant. There was general agreement to hire someone to help primarily with the membership directory and awards with perhaps some aspect of website management. An ad hoc committee of Kevin Harris, Steve Kish, Liz O’Leary, and Kris Sanford was formed to formalize the job description and decide how to advertise for the position. A salary of $3500 was approved.

Budget:  A budget for 2007 – 2008 was approved that would incur an $8000 deficit. The deficit is due to prior year costs and up front website redesign costs. Our cash reserves can easily handle this deficit. Treasurer Kish will provide the actual approved budget under separate cover.

Foundation for Rowing:  A discussion about the Foundation for Rowing Education was tabled.

The board will hold a conference call on Thursday, February 21, starting at 11:45 AM EST, primarily to discuss committee reports.

Submitted by Bill Zack, acting secretary