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Board of Director’s Conference Call

CRCA Board Conference Call Minutes

April 23, 2009

Submitted by: Kris Sanford

Start Time: 12 noon

On call: Bill Zack, Liz O’Leary, Kris Sanford, Jane LaRiviere, Tessa Spillane, Martin Stone, Lori Dauphiny, Will Porter, Steve Pritzker, Robbie Tennenbaum, Susan Parkman, Tom Bold

Committee Reports:

Treasurer: Jane LaRiviere – does not have the check book yet. Checking balance is $25, 282.52. Savings balance is $14, 521.42.

Nominating Committee – Will Porter – no report

Coaches Poll: Jane Lariviere – Steve is doing a great job. No concerns. Discussion regarding whether or not to open up the end of year top 20 poll to any crew. Currently, the policy is to have #1 – 16 be in order of NCAA finish. Discussion surrounded making all spots open due to team format. (If#12 V8 did not make the NCAA’s due to a weaker team, did they deserve to be considered in top 16?)
Motion by Mark Rothstein to open up all spots to any team for the end of season top 20 poll
Passed 9 – 3

Lightweight Committee – Lori Dauphiny – There is concern amongst lightweight programs about the $2000 institutional/entry fee to attend IRA’s, especially considering the cost of travelling out west. Lori is going to talk to Gary Caldwell about this.
The Lightweight IRA selection committee is Heather Cartwright from Harvard, Claire Kostrzewski from MIT, Al Acosta from Stanford, Derek Updegraff from Bucknell, and John Jentz who is an administrator of Wisconsin.

Membership Committee – Tessa Spillane – There are pages missing in this year’s directory. The list serv is current.

Legislative Committee – Bill Zack – no report

Hall of Fame – Liz O’Leary – Nominations will be done in June. Plaques and website update is pending.

Coaching Education – Mark Rothstein – feedback from universities is that budgets for coach’s travel have been cut. Mark proposed charging only $150 a person to encourage enrollment. He believes he can still break even with this cost. We have the money in the bank if it runs over budget. There are 4 people committed to do the panel discussions. 3 are from the mid west and 1 is from the west. He would like someone from the east to round it out. Mark will post updated registration info on listserv.

Championship Committee – Robbie Tennenbaum – Discussion followed on AQ education piece and survey.

Education Piece – Suggestions were to make it shorter so that people will read it and to include detailed information on the process for making these changes to the format. After making these changes, this piece will be sent out to the list serv.
Survey – Consensus was to make it more simple and direct – yes/no questions. Bill and Robbie will work on this and e-mail it out for approval from the board. There was considerable discussion regarding the timing of the survey. Tom Bold, chair of the NCAA rowing committee stated that the committee would like the full results prior to its Jun 23 annual meeting and partial results prior to the CRCA meeting at the NCAA’s. Discussion centered on the due date – whether it is before or after the NCAA’s. Concerns for before was that people would not have time to do it during season. Concerns for after were that it would be hard to get all 87 institutions to respond following season. Robbie is going to follow up with anyone who has not responded to make sure we get as close to 87 responses as possible.
There was a vote of the board regarding whether or not have the deadline before or after NCAA’s. The results were 4 before/5 after and 2 abstains. Tom is going to e-mail Bill with wording to include that the results received before the championship will be discussed.

Awards: Kris Sanford – Everything is set to go out on Monday. All divisions will be e-mailed together. There will also be an informational piece regarding how the DI All America’s are selected.

Call adjourned – 1:15PM