CRCA Membership Call 6/29/20

CRCA Membership Call: Monday 6/29/2020 12pm EST., ended 12:58pm. 

181 Members Registered; 187 present on call. 

  1. U23 Updated – Brett Gorman
    1. Past halfway point of virtual U23 camp– Thanks to coaches, it’s going great. Meet with athletes 3x a week for group workouts, weekly Sunday Meeting. Overall- going well.  As fall becomes uncertain, we are going to end a little earlier. Last day of Camp Sat, Aug 1st. 
    2. CRCA- LEVEL 2 Certification. 10 spots left. In order to do anything with U23, Development camps, Senior team, etc. it’s a HARD requirement.  Will post webinars for mentoring hours.  ( 30 hrs posted by end of summer- gain experience in areas you wouldn’t normally get in day to day experience)
      1. Online log to track mentoring hours- will all be online with your profile.
      2. If anything you need updated ( safesport, boating certificate, CPR, etc- it goes to Brett)
    3. USRowing Coxswain Camp – not specific to juniors- reach out to Brett.
    4. U23s Worlds for 2021– Worlds will be July 7-11, 2021. Shorter camp- will start right after conclusion of NCAAs. Will do everything they can with athletes still in school / proctoring exams, etc. Camp will be in Iowa, Andrew Carter coaching. Will also look for athletes to be doubling up- so smaller groups all together. 
    5. Trials dates – June 14th ( immediately following youth invitational) 
      1. Will update us on events for this
    6. Winter camp for U23– Talking about it right now with Tom and Laurel. Holding off right now because of COVID. Depends on what happens with fall and travel, etc.  Especially if schools cancel their Winter Training trips- might make an opportunity to offer a training option for top U23 kids. 
  2. Changes to CRCA board – Maddie Davis
    1. Nancy LaRocque stepping down as President effective immediately and leaving board at end of calendar year, Maddie Davis to serve as interim through end of year
    2. Emily Ford leaving board July 3rd
    3. Both positions will be filled in fall election 
      1. Will send out information about timeline for elections soon
  3. Financial Update – Mike Lane
    1. State of CRCA Finances
      1. Roughly $4400 checking, $20,000 savings
      2. Actively trying to put effort and research into membership dues to up the benefits and enhance what we do as a coaches group.
    2. Dues for 20-21; plans for 21-22 ( memo outlines dues and initiatives for upcoming year)
      1. 4 areas to focus on for improvement- ( memo)
  4. Strategic Plan – Maddie Davis
    1. Send all input to regional rep or
    2. We want to hear from membership- any and all ideas welcome- send to regional reps
  1. COVID Task Force Update – Kate Maxim
    1. Cost Mitigation– how do we finance risk mitigation issues? This group helps us create more questions for future rounds of survey – to help plant ideas  for things coming down the pike
    2. Risk Mitigation– survey revealed there are still a lot of “ i don’t know” answers out there
      1. It seems as though practices will be allowed to go forward- everything varies by school; in general, large group practices unlikely- contract tracing protocols being published, same as testing.  Contact logs at BH’s are important as well.  Testing protocols vary by state to state and university- 
    3. External Relations – focus on leading coaching associations – they have expansive, broad based memberships ( include juniors, NAIA, club, etc); partnerships with national governing bodies
      1. IRA is starting a coaching association as of this week
      2. Ability to hire an executive director would advance CRCA
    4. Promotional- creating a toolkit for teams- (Title 9, fundraising, also using the survey to create other resources team can use)
      1. Next survey- ready to go out mid-July — includes Qs on recruiting ( official / unofficial visits, international students- return to campus, travel/visa restrictions, etc) Also- scholarships – protection for those not wanting to return or cuts to scholarship allotment;  novice tryout process ; and finally understanding of what might happen with non-competition seasons; Training trips? Allowed?
  1. DEI Committee Update – Liz Tuppen
    1. 70 people signed up, had their first meeting ( about 60 people. Kick start for creating a strategic plan. Meet monthly as a group, subcommittees meet more often. 
  1. Legislative Update – Jenn Langzettel
    1. We have a new liaison at the NCAA, he’s GREAT. He says we need to look at having a conference put forward an idea ( COVID related) and have the CRCA back it- to get it to the table and get some changes made- hopefully get it into the Q and A. 
    2. D2- quiet period extended through the end of July. 
    3. D3- not in Q and A- deposited incoming freshmen can participate in voluntary 
    4. D1- dead period, extended through Aug 31.
    5. WTT Legislation — our contact is working to determine what is the best way to get it into legislation this year. Is also going to contact the group that put out the latest interpretation and see if it can be relaxed for this year ( esp. Given COVID). Thinks there is a simpler way to get this done. If none of those work- we will have universities and a conference push this forward. 
    6. Financial Aid proposal: 2019-119- even though tabled, it’s still a very HOT topic, and is still being discussed. He mentioned it’s probably on a more urgent timeline – going to reach out to 2 committees to see where it is at. 
  1. Continuing Education Update – Liz Tuppen
    1. Jen Fry- Wednesday, 1-3pm eastern. 
    2. July 9th 1p-2pm Eastern- Coaches Panel with 5-7 coaches to discuss how they have been hosting discussions with their teams.
      1. Moderated by organization RISE.

Two D3 universities (Bowdoin and TCNJ) have already already announced the cancellation of all fall and winter sports.  Has anyone heard of any other universities talking of fall cancellation?

Williams as well


Pac-12 also considering a halt on non- championship sports – no competition

***Everyone should ASK their university/ administrators- if there is no fall racing- are they still being held to roster requirements… Ask Strategic questions along the way when it comes to Novice tryouts: from a Title 9 standpoint- what constitutes a “tryout”

~From Martin Stone 

At Notre Dame – walk on tryouts and roster count pushed to 2nd semester. This is what the admin asked from us.

Q:Has an invitation been extended to the men’s coaches currently trying to form a rowing coaches organization to join CRCA?

Maddie and Sheila have been in contact with Chris Clark and John to help get theirs up and running- 

From Bebe Bryans :

I’ve talked to Coach Clark about this and will continue to do so.  I doubt very much they will want to join the CRCA but working closely together would be a great idea.

Caroline King:

~ACRA, the Club Rowing Assn, also has a coaches’ organization. More potential allies…

Meeting Adjourned. 12:58pm. 

COVID TaskForce- Call #1 ( May 1, 2020)

Friday, May 1, 2020, 9am, PST.

Present on call (31) –  Kate Maxim, Maddie Davis, Sheila Rinozzi, Jenn Langzette, Aaron Benson, Anna L-S, Bebe Bryans, Bill Zack, Dan Garbutt, Dave Ringham, Devin Fay, Emilie Gross, Emilie Muller, Gerard Quinlan, Haley Eovinel, Jimmy King, Kemp Savage, Liz Smith, Marnie Stahl, Megan Fitzpatrick, Megan Conan, Peter Steenstra, Sam Castro, Sam Sarff, Stesha, Steve Coppola, Taylor Ruden, Eva, Becky Robinson, Justin Price,



1)     Overview of the mission of the task force


To protect the viability of women’s rowing in light of the financial and logistical repercussions of the pandemic by promoting and strengthening women’s rowing programs as a valuable partner to athletic departments through the evolving crisis.

valuable partners- applies differently based upon, conference, division, region, program, etc


2)     Overview and explanation of the four potential areas with suggested action items for sub-committees to workshop and why those areas are pertinent at this time

  1. Culture Assessment and Education: Culture as an asset and not a liability.

When this came up-  given that there are already growing concerns about SA’s experience, SA’s being compelled to vocalize their experience, thoughts, etc – if ADepts are in the position to reconsider women’s rowing in any capacity- its important for us to reconsider our culture — might be a great opportunity for us to get out in front of this

Action items on attachment –

Time Mgmt, jInjury Mgmt ( how injuries are discussed), and disciplinary tactics

~Aka: “how can I advocate for my program”


Tracking Equity Concerns (NCAA legislation and institutional implementation)

            NCAA, when considering proposals, does not consider gender equity concerns when approving, so we need to be aware/ ahead of proposals- interpretations and also understand where those issues can come up

This group can be a support group for Jenn –  especially when collecting proposals, etc ( educating on LSDBi collection) –

       USING ICAC to find out about  other sports “potential proposals”

~~ From BILL: signing up fo D1 ticker helps with being in the know.


Cost Mitigation: Creative cost mitigation solutions that preserve the student-athlete experience.

            Gather and centralize information and create a method for each region, to make sure we are getting in races

If travel is restricted- how do we consider, address or redefine NCAA selection criteria

Internal and External Relations (within CRCA, with other sports associations)

Using your regional Rep.  for voice to CRCA.

Other coaching associations – using ICAC ( maybe have a rep for this)


3)     Discussion TOPICS:

–  idea that conferences are sort of “wanting” to protect themselves, in one way or another –

Is this the best idea, or should conferences be working together for scheduling / regionally or even across divisions when it comes to budgeting for team travel and race schedules

“misplaced” schools within a conference, there are opportunities for some schools who can travel based on “region or conference” and then would allow for cross-conference/regional racing


Recommendations from USOC, basically suggesting to avoid “bigger” races

~take into considerations about return to practice and also safety at racing

                 Junior Circuit- racing and recruiting – how do we treat (from a fairness component) bringing kids to campus, official visits, home visits, etc

~Creating a policy across the CRCA rather than discrepancies across the US

 – one of difficulties in Big regattas, is that coaches are the ones running the races- at what point do we carry on with planning these races, vs not knowing the future ( also- safety implications

Starting with the things we know most about – with the understanding that we will know more, every week

~how our demographic gets impacted by this – has been talking to his AD a lot about this, there is going to have to be a LOT of collaboration between the conferences – it cannot be “business as usual” – we have to look at things are they are different for right now, and accepting that- and working together until we are over/ through this.

~ don’t want to be too obsessed with issues of fairness – we have to accept that there will be a lot of it- but doing what is Safe

~Q raised:  how can we be creative – we have a lot of leadership in sport over time, so encouraging the creativity of sport, we might be able to position ourselves to come out of this in a better place than before

  1. What areas have we missed or are not captured in the above four areas?
  1. Junior Racing  Circuit and Recruiting
  2. Elevate Risk Mitigation to a higher level –   or make it under the umbrella of mitigation as  1. Risk  2. Cost 
    1. Then have recruiting under it- Treating as a “safety” component rather than a fairness issues
  1. Any other possible action items?


4)     Next steps in creating sub-committees:

  1. Does it make sense to break into groups based on Division? Where is it important to have cross-division discussion?


~idea brought up of : “I  know that other sports are trying to strengthen their understanding and relationships within their business offices. What are your thoughts on potentially breaking down into state and private school working groups”

~Mens and Lightweight most at risk for getting cut when it comes to rowing


D3- NOETE THAT not completely moving in parallel with D1 legislative regulations during this interim period- so  EQUITY as overarching heading- then D1, D2/D3

  1. Take the weekend to reflect on which areas you are most interested in and willing to contribute your time and energy to and submit your order of preference
  2. Identify individuals who are willing to be a spokesperson for each of those sub-committees


5)     Briefly discuss some parameters on how the task force communicates through the CRCA board to the greater CRCA membership specifically where it pertains to any national surveying efforts

6)     Pick a date to reconvene (2-3 weeks?) as an entire task force to hear ideas presented by each sub-committee


WEBSITE improvements – database of proposals, commentary on legislation , etc

Alumni engagement and fundraising –  might fall under cost mitigation AND culture component-

Broader Alumni Network ? – could be something for the website as well –


Some Immediate Things to address:

Fall Rowing – how do we do it? Novice tryout/callouts… how does that take place.

Recruiting ? – Official Visits / campus visits, home visits, what does that all look like?


In general- a LOT of information gathering to be done for all 4 areas

Kate will send out survey today, and then make small groups and report back in about ~2 weeks.


Meeting Adjourned.


Added later to notes : COVID19-RESOURCES:

CRCA Board Call – Friday April 24

CRCA Board Call – Fri April 24, 2020 12pm est.

On the Call: Lori, Pat, Tessa, Nancy, Liz, Leg, Jane, Maddie, Mike, Emily, Kate, Jamie, Jenn, Sheila, Derek


Kate- Covid19 ThinkTank: ( vision – try to help us construct the conversation)

Kate will manage the thin- tank groups- (give a starting point and goals to meet X often as small groups and then reconvene as a large group)

Main thing – Cost is the main issue overall

Regionally based race schedules is also a TOP priority


Kate’s Proposal  – Mission Statement and Target Groups –

Do we open it up to current non-rowing coaches or not?

Primary concern =  is budget for all programs

Addresses racing, travel, NCAA selection, etc- CONFERENCE and REGIONS to establish a framework for racing -Have the group come up with a way to centralize the sharing of scheduling, here are the racecourses in our region.

-If it becomes an issue of Fighting to keep our sport alive – would then involve USOC / USRowing


First Step – taking inventory of what the conversation is at each of these schools

B/c we all are hinging on football – What would our scenario look like if its mild, moderate, vs severe problem- What is our solution for each of those


D2 / D3 and Ivy League Effects =

Lori – Ivy League  hasn’t been told about changes in anything yet ( been warned there will be adjustments in budgets, but no specifics yet – football doesn’t have the same effect, but endowments have taken a huge hit)

D3- Tessa- depends on institution and their endowment – no specifics. Just hearing they are prioritizing the education

Meg – agrees it is dependent upon the school, within the last week, there has been a lot more collaboration in the conference- created own taskforce to address


Next action– reach out to anyone that we believe should be on this committee  ( people from missing conferences)

1st task – taking inventory of what’s happening at the conference and regional level


Target date, for first zoom meeting – Friday meeting ( set up a Zoom call with Kate for this)


Kate will send out by Wednesday to the CRCA Board- the agenda for Friday’s call with the group


BOARD voted in ICAC campaign:

10 members voted YES to sign the SaveCollegeSport form- but NO financial obligation  (other 4 were signed off the call by then)


Voting results from membership call on All-American Awards -majority was to published the nomination list— but we need to be VERY clear with messaging

Send out during  May.

CRCA- Scholar athlete form


Meeting Adjourned. 1:20pm

CRCA Membership Meeting: April 20, 2020

CRCA Membership Meeting: Monday, April 20, 12:30pm Start

Panelists:Board Members


  • Salary Survey Update (Nancy LaRocque)
  • NCAA Legislation Updates (Jenn Langzettel)
  • Covid19 Taskforce (Emily Ford & Kate Maxim)
  • Awards Update (Emily Ford & Tessa Spillane)
  • Treasurer’s Report (Mike Lane)
  • Continuing Education Feedback & Moving Forward (Liz Tuppen & Maddie Davis)
  • Brett Gorman: U23 virtual summer program
  • Covid19:Steve Pritzker – Answered membership questions regarding Covid19 situation. 


Covid19 Taskforce- 

Link will be sent out post meeting for any interested and will follow up. 

*Group created to work on different scenarios depending on what conferences /school put restrictions on scheduling, funding, etc


G5 Proposal: building a metter and campaign to send to the  NCAA- and advertise and get message out there. 

Hired a Marketing Firm to plan out the next week.

We have been on ICAC calls to stay informed and engaged in this effort.


NCAA Legislation Updates (Jenn Langzettel)

WTT legistuation – Jenn is working with Kelly – sent the proposal to NCAA

Idea of blanket waiver, 2nd year in a row- wasn’t originally likely due to wording of waiver for this year


Continuing Education – Update on Speakers and connection with USRowing for their webinars


Brett Gorman: U23 virtual summer program update


Awards Update (Emily Ford & Tessa Spillane) Membership Voted to publish the nomination list.


Meeting Adjourned.


CRCA Board Call- Friday, April 17

CRCA Board Call- Friday, April 17, 2020 12pm

(Pre-Membership Meeting)

On the Call: Nancy, Maddie, Jane, Jamie, Liz, Jenn, Emily, Brett, Lori, Kate, Sheila, Patrick, Meg, Jenn


Salary Survey update (29 remaining-….3 of which have started and another 2 waiting on Admin. Approval before submitting) DEADLINE SUNDAY.

    1. Add 2014 and 2017 salary survey data sheets to the website, as well as Fall 2019


WTT (Winter training trip) and any other legislation that might be coming down the pike…identifying “elite” athletes that can be voluntarily coached more than 20 hours a week – I think that one is going to pass. Might be good to bring it up. If our membership is for it, I guess we don’t need to do anything. But if people aren’t for it – that would be something we can put forth….

Social Media Take-Overs

Coxn Wt

NCAA SELECTION Wording criteria


Establish a Working Group to address current situation – Keeping rowing programs afloat – and have it be non-board members

    1. Potentially an administrator that’s interested to join?


NCAA DI Rowing Committee (We lose 2 members in August)  ( FUTURE NOTE- applications due in March)

~Can be replaced with 1 coach and MUST be 1 Administrator-

What is the process to nominate someone? – goes through CONFERENCE OFFICES


~CRCA BOARD:  Try to set a meeting with each of the NCAA Committees, to discuss what potential selection looks like (June-ish?)

Awards update- poll membership- 3 options

Treasurer’s Report  – Mike will give on Monday at Membership Meeting

Cont. Education Survey results (for Monday and our first announce 2 webinars)

Laura Simon- for coaches, Mike Davenport- rigging,   ~Tiff Jones? ~August Leming?

Any other business?

    1. Update from Nancy’s Call Friday
      1. Discussed having a Lawyer on the board?
      2. Future Development Officer position? – can take a percentage of what they raise
      3. Directors and officer’s insurance — Covers liability for board members
    2. List of “benefits” from survey


AGENDA for Membership Meeting: Monday, April 20th 12pm est.  

(Maddie will Moderate Questions)

  1. Nancy will start with Salary Survey Update
  2. Jenn – update with WTT (pull up Legislation Document)

Other legislative issues:

Social Media (take-overs) rules on what can and can’t be posted

NCAA – Selection (ADDRESS LATER) ~ it’s from when individual boats were selected- need update


3.Kate/Emily: NEW Covid19  TaskForce –

Express to membership – commitment level is LARGE, send survey to collect interest


4. Emily: Awards update: Feedback and ideas from membership about All-Americans   ( TAKE A POLL)

PreSeason “All American”   – or – Our idea of the nomination list  – or –  No awards


5. Mike: Treasurer’s Report


6. Liz/Maddie:  Cont. Education: Feedback

Announce first announce 2 webinars

Apr 23, 1-3pm est

Apr 30,  2-3:30pm est


Next Meeting- Monday, April 20th at 12pm– CRCA Membership Call

Meeting Adjourned.

Board Conference Call- March 31, 2020

Board Conference Call- March 31, 2020

On the Call:

Nancy LaRocque, Sheila Rinozzi , Jamie Francis, Liz Tuppen, Emily Ford, Lori Dauphiny, Jenn Langzettel, Maddie Davis, Derek Copeland, , Tessa Spillane, Jane A Lariviere, Megan Conan, Mike Lane Pat Hyland, and Kate Maxim


Check in – go around the “room” and talk about how you, your staff & team are doing




  • Winter training legislation & Outside competitions (see attached proposal from Jenn)


Sent out the memo to board- will send it to the membership. 

79% responded, 73% in favor of moving forward with it.

Still working on writing the proposal- working with her compliance department as well, is taking with Stephanie as well

Change it to “on or off campus” ~ not sure but will talk to Stephanie about needing to write anything about splitting up the group

Leaning towards getting rid of “trip” and reword it with segment ( maybe winter training segment) 

HAS to be considered non-controversial to go through- otherwise may not get passed the route we are trying for to fast track it. ( if it doesn’t get approved- would go through approval process the regular timeline, so would not be in place for next year….therefore we don’t know if NCAA will grant a waiver for next year based on what they said this year)


Concept 2 Challenge- (at this point, it’s up to individual interpretation) no official word back from the NCAA yet on this. ACC gave an interp. On the 



Salary Survey (Shelia)- should be sent out this week. Will add in a scholarship question.


Hall of Fame (Jane) – do we want to do it this year? We have 2 nominations for this year. One of the concerns is that we don’t know when we will all be back together… maybe have to present it over zoom or a pre-recorded video


Awards (Emily and Tessa) – 

Tessa wants to pursue D1 All American Awards, Maddie and Nancy agree – these are kids that were not waiting to determine if they’re 1V kids or not – we know who they are… 

Going to be hard to decide how many each program gets….


Emily – doesn’t want to do it, because doesnt know how to do it fairly. (making selection process fairly- as it stands currently) ….but open to ideas of recognizing athletes 


Kate- suggested an honorable mention- not necessarily an award, but something that would allow programs to recognize their top tier kids

Were not sure if conferences are going to recognize awards or not…

~Could go through the nomination process, and just announce all of the nominees. No actual team award.  


2019-2020 CRCA NATIONAL SCHOLAR-ATHLETE AWARD– performance limitation—

2nd, 3rd, 4th year of eligibility, ~proposing “top 50% of your team, consider the people if you were going to race tomorrow or NCAA squad, whichever is more”


Emily- motion to alter All-American awards– this year only, to publish a list of nominees, and make clear it’s not an official award. ( for all 3 divisions). 

Everyone is in Favor.


Emily- motion to alter scholar award- same criteria, but alter for Top 50% of your team, consider the people if you were going to race tomorrow or NCAA squad, whichever is more”

Everyone is in Favor. 



Conference Survey (Liz & Maddie) – Virtual coaching, beginning with Liz & Bo Hansen (see attached email thread)
We had briefly talked about virtual coaching and this might just be the opportunity to get this off the ground.
(Dr. Leming, Dan Tudor, ___).


Sponsorships (Jamie)- attachment –

Nancy will look into contracts/ the need to get a lawyer


Virtual community service/involvement ideas (Jenn)


Schedule bi-weekly  or monthly board calls moving forward-


Membership Meeting – Monday, Apr 20th 12pm est. / 9 am pacific

Think about agenda items  and email them to Sheila 


Things to be emailed out:

Salary Survey

Conference / Membership Benefits for Mtg

Winter Training Legislation


Feb 2020 CRCA Board Conference Call

CRCA Board Conference Call

February 5, 2020 1:30pm (EST)

Present on the Call: Nancy, Maddie, Tessa, Pat, Jamie, Sheila, Derek, Lori, Liz, Jane, Kate, Emily, Mike, Jenn, Patrick, Megan

  • Update on membership DuesSheila (do we need to contact members in our region pay dues?)
    • Things I’ll send out to to Membership-
      • this is the CRCA Listserv Members list. If you would like an old email deleted, or see that someone on your staff is missing, make the appropriate changes as directed on the top of the page.
      • This is the most up-to-date record of membership dues. If you see an error, let me know
      • Need everyone to go into their profile on CRCA website and update it- as this information  will serve as the member directory. 
  • Salary Survey Update –Sheila
    • Sent back signed contract, will send out notice before the company is ready to contact all HC’s with survey link. We have 2 weeks to get everyone to complete it. 
  • Finance Update, if any? –Mike
    • Glenn and Mike still haven’t connected regarding transferring of duties (cutting checks).
      • Accountant (Mike Lowery) hasn’t been paid yet- from last year… 
      • Wrapping up December Conference reimbursements
  • Sponsorship Update (if any)? –Jamie
    • His plan is to get some information as a whole, as to what sorts of benefits they want, as a whole, to help direct what sorts of benefits they want
    •   In a way to maintain Pocock as a “headline” sponsorship, but then add others improve membership benefits
    • Rowing Industry Trade Association –  could be a potential sponsor to tap into later down the line
      • They have a board mtg this summer:
        • Junior Worlds – BOARD MEETING – checking if we can attend if we’re there
  • CRCA Conference FeedbackLiz/Maddie
    • Survey is created – geared towards what we want to see in the future 
    • It does Include Questions about member benefits
    • Will be sent out soon
    • Awards for 19-20, anything new or move forward with what we did last year? Emily
      • Request – wants to add an assistant coach of the year for Lightweights and “beef” up the nomination (Match the openweight process)
  • Approved “Lightweight Assistant Coach of the Year” for 2020
  • Hall of Fame, Jane
    • Form is Ready to go!
  • Update on winter trip legislation – Jenn
    • Spoke with Stephanie this morning, understanding is that we should change “trip” either call it a segment or call it winter training practice activity – 
      • Work with Stephanie for wording on legislature to put forward 
    • Will send survey to membership for their “stance” and supporting rational/opinions to help build our case for Student-Athlete Experience Committee..

Something to discuss later-  Regional Rules Seminar –May 18-20 – Columbus, Ohio;  June 1-3 – Los Angeles

Meeting adjourned. 

2019 December Membership Mtg Minutes

CRCA Membership Meeting – December 6, 2019, 5pm

Philadelphia, PA

First, wanted to give a huge thank you to Pocock for sponsoring us for almost 15 years!

We have new board members-

Mike Lane, Jacksonville University
Kate Maxim, Oregon State University
Jamie Francis, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Patrick Hyland, Humboldt State University
Meg Conan, Hamilton College
Tessa Spillane, Wellesley College


Vice President: Maddie Davis

New Treasurer : Mike Lane. Currently we have approx. $40,000 between checking and savings and $4,900in PayPal account.


Regarding the coxswain weight discussion – About 80% of our membership filled out the coxswain survey sent out by the CRCA- we provided the results to the NCAA championship committee; however, we did not provide any research supporting why medically or scientifically this change would be beneficial, so its stalled in that stage, as that work needs to be done.

The Pac-12 conference submitted a proposal during USRowing’s open rule changes this fall – USRowing decided to table it for 2020, but they will work to gather scientific data for the 2021 championship year.


Salary Survey – We want to do another salary survey this year- was very useful for coaches to use. With the 4th added coach, expect to see that at some point moving forward this spring.


Admin. Assistant Position-

Dan is retiring from his role as Administrative Assistant. We are extremely appreciative for all the hard work he has done for the CRCA over the years.

Sheila Rinozzi will serve as interim admin. assistant – until July 1st

The CRCA Board is looking at potential to create an Executive Director role for the future.


Legislative Committee – Discussed the NCAA rule regarding winter trips and the requirement of having to leave campus. Jen received an email yesterday- so we don’t have a ton of information yet, but it sounds as though the NCAA is allowing a WAIVER for this year-only if your trip was already planned.

There was discussion about working to make a change the rule for next year.

(Note this also affects at home camps- example if half your team travels and half stay home for “erg camp”) The question was raised “why not count it within your 156 days” essentially eliminate the 3 segments and start in 20 hours when you return.

However, on a training camp- practice is unlimited, whereas training in 20 hours = limited to 4hrs /day

Be on the lookout for a survey, so we can gather feedback and then revisit this topic.


Name, Image and Likeness Legislation Discussion

Initial report and additional resources here. I highly suggest reading it, as it explains in detail a lot of the ambiguity around the NIL and also answers a lot of the questions raised at our membership meeting such as  potential issues, suggested regulations, and also next steps for the working group.


Membership Dues

We are missing a MAJORITY of membership dues for this year. (about 35% of members have paid their dues, and the deadline was in October.


Why are more people not here at CRCA meeting? Or CRCA Conference?

We discussed keeping it in conjunction with USRowing, or hosting it at a university (like it used to be).  USRowing is interested in OUR input regarding time of year for the conference (November, January, Summer? In conjunction with a recruiting event, or keep it alone?

We will survey the membership to better serve and provide exactly what the membership would like.

~the group generally thought the summer would work, and the idea of mid-week instead of weekend is preferred.


Marnie– will run our new Instagram and Twitter accounts. PLEASE follow CRCA_ROW.

We can use this for polls, awards, weekly race schedules? Etc.


FINANCIAL AID — Exempted Institutional Financial Aid- Institutional Need Based Aid

Issue came up on the ACC conference call– Need based vs. Merit-based and athletic scholarships


Need-based and Athletic Scholarships count against you, whereas merit does not. So, we are penalizing the people with the lowest income. ~This was something that changed about 4 years ago. Its currently back on the docket for future NCAA voting


Racing a Quad in-place of coxed 4 at NCAAs?

Kevin Sauer brought up idea of 1V8, 2V8 and Quad- not just for national team, but for bodies- and people’s ability to sweep vs Symmetry of sculling. He Thinks it’s a good idea- Would look to replace 4 with quad, (not in addition to) – at NCAA’s only?



We understand conference-wise it gets more complicated with different events

Several coaches think it’s worth talking about further; some also don’t like the idea.

Potential Pros discussed:

~International recruits- sometimes a majority of them haven’t swept until they get to college.

~Also goes along with what Patrick spoke about with U15 championships being switched over to completely sculling events.

~Could also help with the diversity opportunities he spoke about, as the tiny or underfunded clubs that cannot put together an 8 or 4, are only sculling.

Generally, as the CRCA we need to be thinking about what the NCAA looks like in 5+ years


Nancy stated that –

the CRCA board is extremely invested as a board and membership in being PROACTIVE – Look towards how we want to look in the future and get ahead of things, instead of always being in a reactive state. We want to try to be at the forefront, and this potential executive director position, so that there is a constant presence and maintain relationships and making us at the forefront and keeping us looking forefront instead of constantly being responsive/ reactive.


Meeting Adjourned.