COVID19 Q&A Document Updates

There are quite a few updates to the D1 COVID Q & A, as well as a couple to both D2 and D3, so take the time to review. 

In D1 here are some main points: (there is a whole page of questions pertaining to the financial aid exemption, so please refer to the site for those updates)

Question No. 6: May an institution’s coach participate on a podcast with a scholastic or nonscholastic coach?

Answer: No. An institution’s coach may not participate on a broadcast, including a podcast, that involves a prospective student-athlete or a prospective student-athlete’s coach, regardless of the content of the broadcast.


Question No. 7: If a team meeting involving student-athletes is recorded, may an institution’s coach send a copy of the recording to a prospective student-athlete?

Answer: Yes. An institution may send a prospective student-athlete a recording of countable athletically related activities in accordance with the audio/video materials exception in Bylaw However, Bylaw does not permit a committed prospective student-athlete to engage in individual or team meetings with the coaching staff (e.g., review of playbook, chalk talk, film review).


Outside Competition.

Question: From April 20 through May 31, may student-athletes participate in outside competition?

Answer: No. In all sports, from April 20 through at least May 31, student-athletes are not permitted to participate in outside competition because all sports are considered out of season. This analysis applies regardless of the institution’s academic calendar. As a reminder, except during the period from one week before the start of the institution’s final examination period through the conclusion of the institution’s academic term, institutions may require up to eight hours per week of virtual nonphysical countable activities (e.g., film review, chalk talk, team meetings) and are required to provide each student-athlete at least one day off per week.


D1 Q and A Document  – updated may 8

D2  Q and A Document – updated may 8

D3  Q and A Document  -updated May 4

D2GOV_COVID19ImpactApprovedActions-2 (updated May 6)