Board Meeting Call: 8/20/20

CRCA Board Call, Thursday, Aug 20th, 2020, 12pm EST

On the call: Maddie, Liz, Pat, Jenn, Lori, Jane, Tessa, Kate, Mike, Jamie, Meg, Sheila, Paula (DEI), Sam (Sustainability) 


  1. Sustainability Committee Update (Sam)
  2. DEI Committee Update (Paula/Gulliver or Liz)
  3. External Relations- ACRA/IRCA ( Maddie) 
  4. COVID  Survey Stewardship (Kate)
  5. Legislation Updates (Jenn)
  6. Cont. Edu. Committee updates (Maddie/Liz)
  7. Strategic Planning – Sheila
  8. Misc.
    1. Membership Drive (Sheila/Jane) Call with USRowing Friday, then we can send out notice for renewal next week. 
    2. Sponsorship update??
    3. next meeting: 

1.Sustainability Committee Update (Sam)

  • Jamie and Kate were in their meeting on Friday. 
  • John joined as alumni chair. 
  • Added some additional questions to the survey for this round, ( received some insight from Devin as to what to add)
  • Dave has been doing a great job with getting PR goals- not executing this yet, just getting the plan in place
  • With sustainability- what’s the narrative— working on providing the written framework ; rowing does a lot with what it needs.  ( new look/framework)  How we can 
  • In longterm and shortterm – project for this group. 
  • Meet tomorrow, with former SWA from Oregon State , also have in the mix- former SWA from Winthrop University, also a compliance director from Arizona State 

3.Maddie has been speaking with some people at ACRA and IRCA in what areas we can work together with them.  A big one is sport preservation

IRCA already has a group up and running- somewhat with our guidance. Greg Hughes- is leading that group. Maddie talked to him about all their initiatives and what we can work together on. Sam can talk to him. That committee is meeting on Monday and the IRCA has a membership meeting Tuesday.

  • Good for Sam to connect with that group
  • In terms of finding a long term chair for this group – also candidates for directors, Mark Zembsch  ( former national team coxswain, Cal Alum and Lawyer) –  getting funded from the Rodgers Family to put it forward to the Pac12 for men’s rowing to be an NCAA sport – pretty far along in this process
  • This has been put forward before- but now it seems that more coaches are on board- so they are paying Mark to map out this process and figure out the timing. 

Maddie talked to Dan Wolleben at ACRA — Dan brought it up at their board meeting- they were expecting to hear from us. She asked about sport sustainability for club programs – something they are talking about. They face similar concerns with budget cuts.

Maddie has a call with their president soon as well.

We have a good path forward with ACRA and IRCA from a sustainability and education standpoint. Maddie will keep getting updates and passing them along to the necessary contacts

DEI Committee Update (Paula/Gulliver or Liz)

  • Meet with their IRCA and also discussed why organizations/efforts are separate
    • They were careful not to take our ideas, but they came to the larger committee meeting yesterday, and were discussing things they like- 
    • One interesting thing they did -sent a survey to their  90 members, only had 9 responses
      • Their committee is 7 members
  •   Liz set up a meeting with Megan OLeary ( usrowing)
  • Had 3rd full committee meeting yesterday- sharing the powerpoint from the meeting
    • Created Org Chart for DEI
    • I will add contacts for each subcommittee chair
    • Created steering committee- leader of each subcommittee- meeting every month. 
    • Large group will meet every 6 months. 
    • Explained what they mean by vision, values, and mission – to fuel their mission
    • Updated Vision Statement
    • DEFINED Values- Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 
    • Next Steps- going back to committees- working on those definitions and also defining 3-5 objectives 

~Formalize a communication pathway for committees and chairs and the board

Lori will serve as the board representative for the sustainability committee. 

Lightweight rowing could fall under sustainability as well-  Also Lori can build her committee. 

COVID  Survey Stewardship (Kate)

  • Spent time reviewing questions and streamlining the survey so it’s relevant in the moment. Goal is to continue to vet the survey before sending to membership 
  • Added in some questions form sustainability committee for data collection 
  • The needs are changing so much- it’s hard to address all concerns
  • As  a group- will digest the results, and produce summary points instead of sending the results alone. 
  • Draft suggested mini agenda for geo-regional calls. 

Legislative Updates (Jenn)

  • Put out to the legislative group- thoughts on the D2 went to quiet period- and everyone on the legislative committee agrees to stay with dead period for D1. 
  • Spoke with Steve Kish– going to put together a proposal for protocols and getting an exception if racing is cancelled. 
    • Will contact other sport association contacts and W.Gymnastics (virtual contests)
    • Purpose- we don’t know what’s going to happen in spring- but how do we make a push for this..?  College sports are not only football and bball – olympics sports matter
    • Still waiting on an answer from Steve at NCAA to getting rowing shifted from high risk to moderate
    • Is there discussions with cancellations of seasons of out of season training hours?
    • NIL Survey – sent out to the legislative group and board for feedback, and will send out to membership to complete. Feedback is due Aug 28th.  D1 coaches only.
    • WTT – Pac 12 in motion.

Cont. Edu. Committee updates (Maddie/Liz)

  • Call next week to discuss Bo Hansen- “motivate and train when you don’t have a season”
  • Researching with different groups for DEI education – RISE ( for the year, its about $1500-3000) making sure to vet and understand organizations before we decide to go with anyone
  • ? SR – want to try to set up a trial ‘mentor’ program –  thinking Graduate Assistants 
  • ? thoughts for convention

Strategic Planning – (Sheila)

Hard to fit it in right now – right timing of when we can dig into these conversations.

For right now- paying attention to where we are expending our energy and resources  our attention to and what we can put off for later (looking at short term- COVID and long term


  • Membership Drive (Sheila/Jane) Call with USRowing Friday, then we can send out notice for renewal next week. 
  • Next Meeting:  send out doodle survey for meeting in 2 weeks to get everyone on the call

Meeting adjourned 2:01pm