CRCA Board Call – 4/25/2020

CRCA Board Call – Fri April 24, 2020 12pm est.

On the Call: Lori, Pat, Tessa, Nancy, Liz, Leg, Jane, Maddie, Mike, Emily, Kate, Jamie, Jenn, Sheila, Derek


Kate- Covid19 ThinkTank: ( vision – try to help us construct the conversation)

Kate will manage the thin- tank groups- (give a starting point and goals to meet X often as small groups and then reconvene as a large group)

Main thing – Cost is the main issue overall

Regionally based race schedules is also a TOP priority


Kate’s Proposal  – Mission Statement and Target Groups –

Do we open it up to current non-rowing coaches or not?

Primary concern =  is budget for all programs

Addresses racing, travel, NCAA selection, etc- CONFERENCE and REGIONS to establish a framework for racing -Have the group come up with a way to centralize the sharing of scheduling, here are the racecourses in our region.

-If it becomes an issue of Fighting to keep our sport alive – would then involve USOC / USRowing


First Step – taking inventory of what the conversation is at each of these schools

B/c we all are hinging on football – What would our scenario look like if its mild, moderate, vs severe problem- What is our solution for each of those


D2 / D3 and Ivy League Effects =

Lori – Ivy League  hasn’t been told about changes in anything yet ( been warned there will be adjustments in budgets, but no specifics yet – football doesn’t have the same effect, but endowments have taken a huge hit)

D3- Tessa- depends on institution and their endowment – no specifics. Just hearing they are prioritizing the education

Meg – agrees it is dependent upon the school, within the last week, there has been a lot more collaboration in the conference- created own taskforce to address


Next action– reach out to anyone that we believe should be on this committee  ( people from missing conferences)

1st task – taking inventory of what’s happening at the conference and regional level


Target date, for first zoom meeting – Friday meeting ( set up a Zoom call with Kate for this)


Kate will send out by Wednesday to the CRCA Board- the agenda for Friday’s call with the group


BOARD voted in ICAC campaign:

10 members voted YES to sign the SaveCollegeSport form- but NO financial obligation  (other 4 were signed off the call by then)


Voting results from membership call on All-American Awards -majority was to published the nomination list— but we need to be VERY clear with messaging

Send out during  May.

CRCA- Scholar athlete form


Meeting Adjourned. 1:20pm