CRCA Board Call- 4/17/2020

CRCA Board Call- Friday, April 17, 2020 12pm

(Pre-Membership Meeting)

On the Call: Nancy, Maddie, Jane, Jamie, Liz, Jenn, Emily, Brett, Lori, Kate, Sheila, Patrick, Meg, Jenn


Salary Survey update (29 remaining-….3 of which have started and another 2 waiting on Admin. Approval before submitting) DEADLINE SUNDAY.

    1. Add 2014 and 2017 salary survey data sheets to the website, as well as Fall 2019


WTT (Winter training trip) and any other legislation that might be coming down the pike…identifying “elite” athletes that can be voluntarily coached more than 20 hours a week – I think that one is going to pass. Might be good to bring it up. If our membership is for it, I guess we don’t need to do anything. But if people aren’t for it – that would be something we can put forth….

Social Media Take-Overs

Coxn Wt

NCAA SELECTION Wording criteria


Establish a Working Group to address current situation – Keeping rowing programs afloat – and have it be non-board members

    1. Potentially an administrator that’s interested to join?


NCAA DI Rowing Committee (We lose 2 members in August)  ( FUTURE NOTE- applications due in March)

~Can be replaced with 1 coach and MUST be 1 Administrator-

What is the process to nominate someone? – goes through CONFERENCE OFFICES


~CRCA BOARD:  Try to set a meeting with each of the NCAA Committees, to discuss what potential selection looks like (June-ish?)

Awards update- poll membership- 3 options

Treasurer’s Report  – Mike will give on Monday at Membership Meeting

Cont. Education Survey results (for Monday and our first announce 2 webinars)

Laura Simon- for coaches, Mike Davenport- rigging,   ~Tiff Jones? ~August Leming?

Any other business?

    1. Update from Nancy’s Call Friday
      1. Discussed having a Lawyer on the board?
      2. Future Development Officer position? – can take a percentage of what they raise
      3. Directors and officer’s insurance — Covers liability for board members
    2. List of “benefits” from survey


AGENDA for Membership Meeting: Monday, April 20th 12pm est.  

(Maddie will Moderate Questions)

  1. Nancy will start with Salary Survey Update
  2. Jenn – update with WTT (pull up Legislation Document)

Other legislative issues:

Social Media (take-overs) rules on what can and can’t be posted

NCAA – Selection (ADDRESS LATER) ~ it’s from when individual boats were selected- need update


3.Kate/Emily: NEW Covid19  TaskForce –

Express to membership – commitment level is LARGE, send survey to collect interest


4. Emily: Awards update: Feedback and ideas from membership about All-Americans   ( TAKE A POLL)

PreSeason “All American”   – or – Our idea of the nomination list  – or –  No awards


5. Mike: Treasurer’s Report


6. Liz/Maddie:  Cont. Education: Feedback

Announce first announce 2 webinars

Apr 23, 1-3pm est

Apr 30,  2-3:30pm est


Next Meeting- Monday, April 20th at 12pm– CRCA Membership Call

Meeting Adjourned.