CRCA Board Call, 5/8/2020

CRCA Board Call, May 8, 2020, 12pm est

On the Call: Nancy, Sheila, Emily, Meg, Pat, Tessa, Jenn, Maddie, Liz, Jamie, Kate, Lori, Jane, Derek  (absent-Mike)


  1. 3C Outreach to Jenn regarding Dead Period  input ( NCAA currently looking at extending to June 30th)
  2. Award forms –
  3. COVID19 – Task Force Update ( Minutes from Meeting)
  4. Continuing Education Update -Webinar Speakers
  5. Membership Dues  (including the $26 for USRowing membership)
  6. Salary Survey


1.”The Division I Council Coordination Committee (3C)  is seeking feedback from coaches associations on a possible extension of the temporary recruiting dead period, which currently runs through May 31.  To that end, please provide any input regarding whether and how long the temporary dead period should be extended, and any other relevant related information. For example, how important is it for each sport to have a consistent application across the country even though states may be easing restrictions at different times?  Because 3C will be discussing this issue next week, we will need your feedback quickly and no later than Monday morning, May 11.”

~NCAA looking at June 30th as the date to extend it to- vote is May 13th.

Board supports extending dead period 4-6 weeks. 


2.awards ready to be sent out. Due May 25, 2020.


  1. Mitigation groups- brainstorming the questions as a task-force, for a national survey. ( Risk and Cost groups)

NOTE – on May 20th, D1 council voting on min. Requirements needed for postseason qualification (min. Is currently 20, max is 20, Ivy Max is 10)

If waived –  ( we will need to help selection committee be prepared for this and come up with new guidelines depending on what the new min. max # of competitions is and what institutions are advising teams schedule for.


~Discussed Grouping Task Force by geographical regions ( not by NCAA region or conference)  ~~ Would need someone else for SouthCentral region.


D2 – received documents  rowing, max is 20 events- cut to 14, (33% cut) min. To qualify for NCAA. for them, a competition is down the race course. ( double dual for them counts as 2)

Recommending to cut it down from 5 to 3.  ( will post these attachments)


Idea surfaced of CREATING A Rowing ToolKit looking at USOC and NCAA documents for “return to play” and condensing it into a formal document that we can share as the CRCA

~Being able to demonstrate to the NCAA that you can comply with it to your athletic departments

Presenting to AD’s not only a cost mitigation plan, but also, going in with a Risk Mitigation Plan.


~Noted that The Ivy league isn’t even having the discussions about return, b/c they still haven’t decided if schools will be allowed back for the fall semester or not – looking to make that decision in July, likely.


We will continue to keep working on collecting information, and keep the task-force moving forward. They are having meetings next tuesday- should have survey questions back in about 2 weeks and will present to the board.


~Cultural component-  how do we make women’s rowing “ attractive” during this time – Being a valuable partner to our athletic departments vs a liability.

Recognizing the SA experience/ well-being component— ( LATER found this –


~PAC12 coaches sent survey regarding season, competition and championships – having a coaches call to discuss and submit together- Can follow up with Jane and Kate for this.


Regional Rules Seminar – Virtual Format now

Interactive sessions will be conducted June 1-3 for Division II and Divisions I and III on June 8-10, June 18-19 and June 22-25


  1. Cont. Education Webinars:

~Idea to suggest to USRowing for a compliance coordinator to talk to HS students about what is going on, explain dead period, eligibility, etc.


Winter training trip – sent to the SA experience committee, but hasn’t heard back yet.  If they don’t have any suggestions, then it will be put on the docket for the SAEC meeting-

  • Jenn told her that it is really important for it to move forward b/c of cost mitigation
    • Or if they will allow blanket waiver again ( after last waiver – they put specific legislation in that in the future we had to to follow the rule in the future)
  • Should have an update soon




Additional Notes:

Potential Legislative Moratorium for the 2020-21 Legislative Cycle The Council DELAYED a vote on the Legislative Committee’s recommendations to establish a moratorium on Council-governance, conference-sponsored legislative proposals for the 2020-21 legislative cycle and limit the scope of legislation introduced by the Council to issues that are essential to the operation of the division, related to significant membership priorities or that advance the Division I Board of Directors’ strategic areas of emphasis, including its modernization agenda. In order to provide additional time for conferences and other stakeholders to review the recommendations, the Council will consider the recommendations again during its May 20 meeting.



Tabled proposals may be recommended for consideration in June, October or January or April 2021. The NCAA Division I Legislative Committee will review the tabled proposals in advance of each Council meeting to determine whether any should be recommended for action. Conferences and other committees may also recommend that particular proposals be considered. The membership will receive notice of any proposals that are recommended for consideration in advance of the Council meeting in which they will be considered. Tabling most of the remaining 2019-20 legislative proposals allows the Division I membership to focus on urgent and ongoing issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.