CRCA Board Cal: 4/23/2021

April 5, 2021

SEND EMAIL addressing Qs for new results reporting website-

  1. Trouble uploading rosters
  2. AM and PM races on same day?
  3. Courses not be inputted yet- so can’t enter schedule?
  4. Will it be searchable for all head coaches ???

MADDIE AND SHEILA _ Plan to get  committee members on a call to discuss selection

D3 NCAA Championships- SAAC taking it up, in support of having championships….. Sounds like the takeaway is that it MAY happen, because D1 and D2 are happening.

Presidents for 2 conferences meet next week, will depend on who is allowed to go / who would go if qualified. Reps meet again at the end of the month.

Strategic planning committee – established a recurring meeting (3 meetings to set up the summer plan for “intensive” strategic planning process). 

ARI – rollout, should be soon… Check for Blog Post — and email Mark. 

They will present at the all-membership meeting at the end of spring. 

CRCA Membership meeting – the week after NCAA’s – will be virtual.