DEI Committee Page

CRCA Board Representative: Liz Tuppen

DEI Co-Chairs: Gulliver Scott (St. Marys College of CA) and Paula Thoms (Cornell)

DEI Committee: crca-dei-committee (at)

Meeting Minutes:

SubCommittees and Chairs:

Early Identification, Recruiting, and RetentionKim Chavers 
Grants & SponsorshipsSteve Harris
Hiring and RetentionAlyssa O’Donnell
DEI Mission Statement & Core ValuesClaire Kuehnel 
Partnerships and Community OutreachKayleigh Durm
DEI Subcommittee for Reports/AssessmentsMara Allen
DEI Culture & EducationEl Hilton

All DEI Committee Members

Next Meeting Date:

CRCA DEI Committee Meeting- Tuesday, February 21:00 – 2:00pm