Covid-19 Resources and Webinars


Leadership in Times on Uncertainty- sponsored  by WeCoach   
Game On: A Season of Choice- Betsy Butterick  
“Wash Your Hands, Keep In Touch” Featuring: Betsy Butterick 
Coaching Ideas for Challenging Times-Dr. Tiff  Jones & TrueNorth Sports
Strategies to Stay Positive Through Challenges and Change- Jon Gordon  
Top Strategies for Student Athletes and Coaches to Stay Positive- Jon Gordon
U Washington-Center for Leadership in Athletics: The Ambitious Coaching™ Podcast  
Long-Distance Relationship-Building between Coaches & Athletes – Sophia Jowett 
Michigan Athletics Webinars: Academic, Career and Leadership Support  
Teamworks: 90% Mental – How Mindfulness Can Help Athletes and Teams Cope During Change
Aspen Institute- Coronavirus and Youth Sports: What the Future Holds
Coaching with Energy from a Distance – Beyond Strength, The Good Athlete Project
How to Support Your Athletes During COVID-19 – Changing the Game Project
On the Pursuit Of Being with Dr. August Leming
NACDA- “Own a moment in time-A Roadmap for Athletics Depts. During Unprecedented Times”
 “Don’t End Up a Flat Squirrel” with sport psychologist Dr. Tiff Jones
Free Livestream with Jon Kabat-Zinn
The Science of Well-Being -online course from Yale University
How Student-Athletes Can Cope With the Consequences of the Coronavirus-  Dr. Craig Cypher
Coach In Full: A collaborative resource for the way we learn now.
 How Athletes Can Manage the Chaos of COVID-19 and Elevate Their GameBhrett McCabe
From Team-Building to Person Building: How to Continue Coaching During… Unleash the Athlete
Athlete Nutrition- Casey Young