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REMINDER: Division I is in a recruiting DEAD PERIOD until January 1, 2020. No Division I coach may participate in on or off-campus recruiting activities at this time.

Sept. 16 – Division I Council extended the recruiting dead period through Jan. 1. READ MORE

Sept. 16 – Division I Council approved that Division I student-athletes will not practice and compete, among other countable athletically related activities, on the first Tuesday after Nov. 1 every year, including the upcoming Election Day on Nov. 3. READ MORE

Aug. 17 – Students who initially enroll full time during the 2021-22 academic year and intend to play NCAA Division I or II athletics will not be required to take a standardized test to meet NCAA initial-eligibility requirements. READ MORE

August 13 – Canceled fall championships.

July 12 – Division I Council recommended the Division I Board of Directors adopt some minimum protections for student-athletes whose sport seasons are impacted by the COVID-19. Additionally, it extended the recruiting dead period through September 30. READ MORE

May 27 – The Division I Council Coordination Committee extended the recruiting dead period in all sports through July 31. Additionally, the committee decided to allow strength and conditioning coaches to virtually observe voluntary physical workouts for health and safety purposes but only if requested by the student-athlete. The measure goes into effect June 1. READ MORE

May 22 – Voluntary Athletics activities allowed in all DI sports starting June 1. READ MORE

May 13 – The NCAA Division I Council Coordination Committee reviewed and considered feedback from various committees and coaches associations on the status of the current temporary recruiting dead period. Based on the feedback and the currently available medical information, the Coordination Committee adopted emergency legislation to extend the temporary recruiting dead period (as defined in NCAA Bylaw in all sports through June 30. The Coordination Committee will review the status of the COVID-19 pandemic as it relates to the dead period again during its May 27 meeting.

May 13 – The Committee on Academics made two adjustments to the Academic Performance Program as a result of the group’s holistic review of the programREAD MORE

May 6 –  Division I Council Coordination Committee approved three blanket waiver requests made by several Division I conferences late last month and adjusted recruiting regulations to allow for more flexibility during the dead period. READ MORE

April 30 – Mandatory bat barrel compression testing for Division I competition delayed to spring 2022. READ MORE

April 17- High school students intending to play NCAA Division I or II sports whose final semesters of their senior year were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic will have several pathways to meet the NCAA’s initial-eligibility requirements this year. READ MORE

April 16 – Division I coaches in all sports will be allowed more virtual connection with their teams beginning Monday, April 20, and continuing through May 31. READ MORE

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