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Lightweight Rowing Committee Meeting

CRCA Committee Meeting Minutes  

Present:  Georgetown University, Stetson University, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Wisconsin, MIT, UCF, Loyola Marymount University.

Lightweight All America Awards:  Cecile began the meeting with a review of the proposed agenda followed by a discussion about the recent decision by the CRCA Board of Directors to award lightweight All America and Academic All America. Cecile explained that 10 athletes would be recognized and this committee had been charged with determining the process by which these athletes would be selected. After thorough discussion the committee decided unanimously to utilize the following formula:

The school with the 1st Varsity 8 at I.R.A.s would select 3 All America Award winners. The school with the 2nd Varsity 8 at I.R.A.s would select 2 All America Award winners. The school with the 3rd Varsity 8 at I.R.A.s would select 2 All America Award winners. The school with the 4th Varsity 8 at I.R.A.s would select 1 All America Award winners. The school with the 5th Varsity 8 at I.R.A.s would select 1 All America Award winners. The school with the 6th Varsity 8 at I.R.A.s would select 1 All America Award winners.

It was determined that two year trial of this procedure would take place, following which a review of its effectiveness would take place.

Athlete Selection Criteria:  Cecile moved the discussion to a review of selection criteria for lightweight athletes. Most institutions in attendance had previously submitted printed guidelines by which athletes are selected to the Lightweight squad. Each participant in attendance then briefly reviewed their institution’s guidelines. Following a lengthy discussion it was determined that a sub-committee would be instituted to review the various procedures and practices in selecting lightweight athletes. Jim O’Connor, Nicole Yountz, and Sarah May agreed to participate on this sub-committee and bring forth a synthesized document by January 1, 2007.

Variation in Weigh-in Weights:  The discussion then moved towards review of the variations in weigh-in weights and procedures currently seen within U.S. racing. All participants were concerned with the variations in these weights and were particularly concerned about the Head of the Charles lightweight weights. All coaches called for approaching the Head of the Charles about reducing their maximum weight for college athletes to 133 lbs. Cecile agreed to contact the HOCR on behalf of this committee.

Methods to Promote Lightweight Rowing:  Cecile then directed the meeting towards discussion of methods to promote lightweight rowing within United States colleges. Of particular interest was identifying a means to prompt the numerous lightweight “fours” schools to race in “eights”. All were in agreement that the strongest method of promoting racing was to approach Championship Regatta committees to structure championships in a fashion that would encourage more schools to participate. Examples included having W.I.R.As include the Lightweight 8 in the overall team trophy, or having the I.R.As recognize a Varsity 4 event. The conversation then focused on the I.R.A Regatta. Two primary ideas evolved: 1) Determining a source of sponsorship funding for new schools to attend the I.R.A.s and 2) Changing the 2V4 format to a 1V4. Steve Kish offered to pull together some of these ideas and send a proposal to members of this committee.

Results Reporting:  Cecile updated the group on the process of results reporting for the upcoming spring. Since NCAA sponsored rowing will report results via the NCAA, row2k has offered to continue to provide result reporting for lightweight women. A contribution of $250.00 per school to row2k was solicited.

Seeding and Weight-in Procedures:  Seeding and Weigh-In procedures for the I.R.A.s will remain the same in 2007 as they were in 2006.

Educational Opportunities for Lightweight Rowing Coaches:  Final conversations centered on increasing educational opportunities for lightweight rowing coaches. Steve Kish offered to approach USRowing about providing a lightweight rowing educational session at next year’s convention. A brief discussion about promoting sculling for lightweight women brought the meeting to a close. Erik Miller agreed to investigate the possibility of creating a Fall Lightweight 4x race. The next committee meeting will take place on Thursday afternoon of the I.R.A.s.