Weigh in Procedure

Weigh-in Principles and Procedures for Collegiate Lightweight Women as adopted by CRCA/IRA January 2006


The following weigh-in procedures were created as the standard for collegiate lightweight women, by the CRCA, and adopted by the IRA Board of Stewards as the procedure for weigh-in at the IRA National Championships, in 2006.

We encourage the adoption of the following weigh-in procedure and weigh-in record for all spring racing.¬†Weigh-in should be held prior to any spring race in which a women’s collegiate lightweight crew is participating.
To participate in the IRA National Championship, each MEMBER of a lightweight women’s crew entry will be required to submit documentation of weigh-in on at least five different race dates between March 24 and the IRA entry due date, in that given year.

Weigh-in records, presented as documentation for the IRA entry, must have at least five full days between them; where there is a scheduling hardship (lack of enough April race-dates), a weigh-in record alone for a crew or athlete, will suffice.

The accompanying Weigh-in Record is the preferred documentation to be submitted as with the entry registration for a lightweight collegiate women’s crew at the IRA National Championship. Any rower who plans to, or may, represent a college or university in the lightweight women’s collegiate event at the IRA National Championship MUST present a record of five weigh-ins, fulfilling the above criteria, in order to participate.

The accompanying Weigh-in Coversheet, completed for all athletes who may be participating, must be submitted with the weigh-in records attached, as part of the entry registration for a lightweight collegiate women’s crew at the IRA National Championship.

Where possible, weigh-in should be conducted by a professional from the hosting college or university’s medical, training room, or athletic department staff, or by a race official appointed by a given race committee or regatta organization. In the absence of such a professional or official during regular season racing, coaches may agree to weigh-in each other’s crews. The person conducting the weigh-in should be familiar with the weigh-in procedure.


  1. Weigh-in is to be held the day before the first day of racing, starting no earlier than 3 PM.
  2. Each athlete must have photo I.D.
  3. Athletes must weigh-in in racing attire.
  4. The entire crew must weigh in at the same time (bow to stroke).
  5. An athlete at 130.0 lbs. or under 130.0 lbs. has met the weigh-in requirements for that race, and is not required to weigh-in again for that race.
  6. An athlete over the 130.0 maximum weight at the time of weigh-in must be within 2 lbs. (ie.,132.0) of weight; any athlete above 132.0 lbs at the time of weigh-in must be excluded from the race.
  7. An athlete weighing more than 130.0 lbs but less than 132.0 lbs. may weigh-in up to 2 more times within 1 hour of the initial weigh-in. If they fail to meet the 130 lb. maximum weight after the third attempt, the athlete is to be excluded from racing.

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