Membership/NCAA DI Rowing Committee Call

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Copy of Recording-

Introduce NCAA D1 Rowing Committee Members (outlined in Pre-Championship Manual)

5 regions, 1 national member is in each region. By-Weekly Calls. Have been meeting regularly, beyond rankings, discussing other things. Also discuss other teams, (beyond top 6 in the region- they’re looking at all the teams in the region). 

Questions about COVID- 

You are more than welcome to let your regional committee rep know if you’ve had cases, but we really are going to Weigh your results, we’re not going to try to guess what would or would not have happened due to your situation.

Selection Criteria- changed a few years ago, but really, the criteria hasn’t changed. 


  1. Conference Championships – disruptions to them ( whether a team or the entire event)

EACH conference is responsible for providing their AQ and how it will be determined if racing does not take place.

  1. Does the committee have guidance regarding lineup changes?  Hard for the committee to pre-judge how to handle this. What we have defined= each school needs to have a minimum of 3 races, with 23 athletes. 
  1. Best way to communicate this information is through your Regional Rep, and CC Kelley Whitaker. 

Q: if information is not going to be used for selection, then why collect it at all? 

Q: IVY LEAGUE – not allowed to have a conference championship, can they be selected- answer is YES, outlined through in the manual 

 Selection: no selection weight prescribed to any one criteria. Yes, later season results 

We try to have the BEST 22 teams at the NCAA Championships ( theres no weighing or input regarding where your school is located, or if you are an IVY school – who has less cara days, etc) its results- so ideally, have the best end of season results. 

A few years ago, they had to go back to earlier than 5 weeks for results, and looked at it every way possible. 

DI Competition Oversight Committee approves replacement policy

Questions? Contact  Steve at : [email protected]; 434-981-6824