Preseason Poll: Feb 26, 2020

Preseason Poll: Feb 26, 2020

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Preseason Poll: February 26, 2020


Team Rank Total VotesPrior Ranking
1University of Washington (19)489 
2Stanford University (3)471 
3University of Texas (3)444 
4University of Michigan421 
5Ohio State University382 
6University of California, Berkeley381 
7Princeton University347 
8Yale University317 
9Brown University290 
10University of Virginia269 
11Indiana University211 
12Rutgers University201 
13University of Iowa185 
14Harvard University176 
15University of Wisconsin166 
16Duke University141 
17U.S. Naval Academy81 
18University of Southern California48 
19Syracuse University42 
20University of California, Los Angeles41 
Others Receiving Votes: Oregon State University (26), University of Central Florida (24), Northeastern University (18), University of Alabama (14), Southern Methodist University (13), Washington State University (10), University of Oklahoma (10), Michigan State University (7), University of Pennsylvania (5), Kansas State University (4), Gonzaga  University (3), University of Minnesota (3), University of Rhode Island (2), University of Louisville (2), Clemson University (1), Boston University (1), University of Tennessee (1), Cornell University (1), University of Notre Dame (1).


Team Rank Total VotesPrior Ranking
1University of Central Oklahoma (5)200 
2Florida Institute of Technology167 
3Western Washington University152 
4Seattle Pacific University125 
5University of California, San Diego85 
6Jefferson University76 
7Humboldt State University60 
8Barry University17 
 Others Receiving Votes: Nova Southeastern University (10), Mercyhurst University (8).  


Team Rank Total VotesPrior Ranking
1Bates College (10)150 
2Wellesley College138 
4Hamilton College118 
5Ithaca College111 
6Tufts University89 
7Wesleyan University72 
8Smith College71 
9Williams College70 
10Pacific Lutheran University56 
11US Coast Guard Academy46 
12Washington College33 
13University of Puget Sound23 
14Mount Holyoke College20 
15William Smith College19 
 Other Receiving Votes: Colby College (17), Clark University (13), Rochester Institute of Technology (13), Trinity College (8), Simmons College (1).