• Sept 28, 2020 Board Call

    CRCA Board Call Minutes: 9/28/20 12pm Eastern On the Call:Jane, Lori, Liz, Kate, Jenn, Tessa, Pat, Derek, Maddie, Jamie, Sheila, Mike, Meg AGENDA: ~International Student-Athlete restrictions? – potential new policies […]

  • CRCA Board Call 8/20/20

    CRCA Board Call, Thursday, Aug 20th, 2020, 12pm EST On the call: Maddie, Liz, Pat, Jenn, Lori, Jane, Tessa, Kate, Mike, Jamie, Meg, Sheila, Paula (DEI), Sam (Sustainability)  AGENDA: Sustainability […]

  • CRCA Call- Sept 1, 11am

    CRCA Board Call: Tuesday, September 1, 2020, 11am Eastern Present on the Call: Agenda: Sustainability Committee- Lori/Sheila Dave is working with Catherine Sheehan for marketing/pr. Creating content. 90” stories. What’s […]

  • August Updates

    Division I Division I COVID-19 Action Chart Division I COVID-19 Question and Answer Guide Division I COVID-19 Actions for Consideration Division II Actions Approved During the Aug. 14, 2020 Teleconference of […]

  • July Legislative Updates

    DII provides scheduling flexibility for the 2020-21 regular season  Division I Council Coordination Committee extends waiver allowing virtual nonphysical activities DII Management Council backs name, image, likeness proposals for 2021 […]

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  • 7/21/20 DEI Committee Meeting Notes

    7/21/20 CRCA DEI Committee Meeting Notes Nominations for DEI Committee Chairperson(s) Both Paula Thoms (Cornell) and Gulliver Scott (St. Mary’s) were nominated by Rebecca Grzybowski (Temple) as co-chairs for the […]

  • CRCA Board Call: 7/16/2020

    On the Call: Maddie, Liz, Jenn, Tessa, Mike, Jamie, Pat, Tessa, Kate, Meg, Sheila, Jane, Lori DEI Reps– Gulliver Scott, Paula Thoms, Claire Kuehnel AGENDA: DEI Committee Updates Board update […]

  • Webinar Recordings

    Dan Tudor- Bo Hanson- Laura Simon – Mike Davenport – Andy Teitelbaum-