Week 3: March 31, 2021

Women’s NCAA Division I Rankings

RankTeam (First Place Votes)VotesPrevious
1University of Washington (18)4941
2University of Texas (7)4552
3University of Virginia3923
4University of California, Berkeley3884
5Stanford University3785
6Ohio State University3686
7University of Michigan3587
8University of Tennessee3069
9University of Alabama2998
10Duke University26511
11Rutgers University23212
12Indiana University22310
13Southern Methodist University20413
14University of Wisconsin17814
15University of Iowa15215
16University of California, Los Angeles14019
17Syracuse University7217
18University of Minnesota7116
19Oregon State University63NR
20U.S. Naval Academy6120

Other Receiving Votes: Washington State University (59), University of Southern California (23), University of Central Florida (22), University of Tulsa (19), University of Notre Dame (12), University of San Diego (11), University of Oklahoma (1), Northeastern University (1), University of Louisville (1), Clemson University (1), University of North Carolina (1).