RENEW for 2022

Week 8: May 5, 2021

Division I Rankings

RankTeamTotal VotesPrevious Ranking
1.University of Washington (13)4881
2.University of Texas (12)4872
3.University of Virginia4243
4.Stanford University4026
5.Rutgers University3944
6.University of Michigan3735
7.University of California, Berkeley3357
8.Ohio State University3338
9.Indiana University23910
10.Syracuse University2299
11.Southern Methodist University22311
12.University of Alabama21113
13.University of Tennessee20212
14.Princeton University200NR
15.University of Minnesota11514
16.Duke University11415
17.Brown University11317
18.Oregon State University9519
19.Washington State University77NR
20.University of Wisconsin4920

Others Receiving Votes: University of California, Los Angeles (48), University of Southern California (31), University of Notre Dame (30), Clemson University (17), University of Iowa (13), U.S. Naval Academy (3), California State University, Sacramento (1), Northeastern University (1), University of Louisville (1), University of San Diego (1), University of Tulsa (1).

Division II Rankings

RankTeamTotal VotesPrevious Ranking
1.University of Central Oklahoma (5)2001
2.Seattle Pacific University1752
3.Florida Institute of Technology1333
4.Embry Riddle Aeronautical University1254
5.Western Washington University1055
6.Mercyhurst University756
7.Barry University457
8.Jefferson University428

Others Receiving Votes: None.

Division III Rankings

RankTeamTotal VotesPrevious Ranking
1.Bates College (10)1501
2.Hamilton College1355
3.Ithaca College1303
4.Williams College12310t
5.Wesleyan University1022
6.Colby College9014
7.Tufts University884
8.U.S. Coast Guard Academy627
9.Washington College608
11.Rochester Institute of Technology5812
12.Pacific Lutheran University559
13.Trinity College3710t
14t.Marietta College1715
14t.William Smith College1513
15.Stockton University5NR

Others Receiving Votes: None